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Maximizing Resources to Minimize Losses

February 7, 2024

Company & Presenters:

- Uri Arad, CTO and Co-Founder at Identiq
- Egle Nartautaite, Senior Manager, Global Fraud, at Pitney Bowes
- Asa Zaidman, Director of Product – Payments Risk, Underwriting, Compliance & Processing at WIX

2024 will be a year of tighter budgets and increasing threats, making it crucial to optimize fraud prevention.

This webinar brings together leading industry experts to share their strategies for maximizing fraud resources. We will cover topics such as measuring success, evaluating tools, and balancing positive customer experiences with effective fraud prevention in order to get the most out of your tools, teams, and budget.

Join us to explore new methods, maximize automation, and hear real-world examples of how organizations minimize losses through resource optimization.

Maximizing Resources to Minimize Losses

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