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London, Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2023

Europe's largest marketplace conference, hosted by Lloyd's of London

500+ marketplaces like Bolt, DoorDash, TaskRabbit, Turo, Uber and Wonolo attend. Why aren't you?








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Featuring founders, operators and experts from...

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About the Marketplace Risk Global Summit

The only conference designed for marketplace and digital platform founders and leaders from Bolt, DoorDash, Turo TaskRabbit, Uber, Wonolo and more...

Reduce your risk to zero. Marketplaces and digital platforms are unique business models that can mitigate their risk down to nearly zero...but only if necessary steps are taken to protect themselves and their communities.

Each year Europe convenes at the Marketplace Risk Global Summit - the first and only conference focused on risk management, trust & safety, compliance & regulatory and legal strategy for marketplaces and digital platforms - to learn, network and exchange best practices and trends.


  • Marketplace and digital platform founders & leaders wanting to learn from their peers

  • Innovative solution providers, vendors and firms solving platforms' biggest challenges

  • Industry leaders and subject matter experts


  • Learn best practices and tested strategies to protect your platform and community

  • Network with platform peers and industry experts from around the world

  • Share your knowledge and experience with the industry


  • Risk management

  • Trust & Safety

  • Compliance & regulatory

  • Legal strategy

Designed specifically for founders and leaders of marketplaces and digital platforms to launch and grow

500+ marketplaces like Bolt, DoorDash, TaskRabbit, Turo, Uber and Wonolo attend. Why aren't you?

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2023 agenda


30 -



Oct 30, 2023

5:30 PM


Welcome Reception

Oct 30, 2023

7:30 PM


Marketplace Meetup

Oct 31, 2023

9:00 AM

Old Library

Welcome & Keynote

- Amanda Storey, Managing Director, Trust & Safety, Google

Oct 31, 2023

9:40 AM

Marble Foyer

Morning Coffee Break

Oct 31, 2023

9:55 AM

Room A

Fake Reviews & Transparency: UK, US & EU Regulatory Obligations

- Chris Downie, CEO & Co-Founder, Pasabi
- Agne Kaarlep, Global Head of Policy and Advisory, Tremau
- Curtis Boyd, Founder, The Transparency Company
- Ylwa Rein, Global Public Policy Strategy & Advocacy Manager, Wolt

Oct 31, 2023

9:55 AM

Room B

Get Hacked: The Non-Technical Need-to-Know About Pentesting

- Stephen Fusco, Senior Director of Legal Affairs and Data Privacy, HopSkipDrive
- Gabriel Isserlis, Founder & CEO, Tutti
- Nicola Gandy, Director,

Join Tutti, HopSkipDrive and in conversation on Pentesting for marketplace founders and product managers. This jargon-free journey through the process of being professionally hacked covers common reservations and myths, the most valuable outcomes and takeaways, and some big surprises along the way.
Oct 31, 2023

9:55 AM

Room C

Creating Trust and Promoting Safety in Online Marketplaces

- Emma Lindley, Managing Director,
- Rajat Hubli, Senior Director - Product & Analytics, HelloFresh
- Pedro Bennesar, Head of Payments, Vestaire Collective

In many ways, the digital world has become one big marketplace. However, maintaining security in these marketplaces and ensuring everyone there is who they say they are can be difficult in such large, open environments. In this panel, industry experts share their knowledge and strategies for safeguarding user trust and creating a thriving marketplace ecosystem. In this session you will learn: 1) The latest in security and fraud in online marketplaces; 2) How attackers are compromising identity in marketplaces; 3) How to defend against all attacks regardless of how they’re carried out.
Oct 31, 2023

10:50 AM

Room A

The Next Generation Device Fingerprint (and Why You Need It)

- André Ferraz, CEO & Co-Founder, Incognia
- Pedro Bennasar, Head of Payments, Vestiaire Collective

Over the past decade, device recognition solutions have played a major role in digital identity verification and fraud prevention. Unfortunately, due to a number of different factors, device fingerprinting technologies (device IDs) are not as effective as they used to be. Without the ability to reliably recognize returning devices, digital businesses are exposed to the numerous fraud attacks that are enabled by fake account creation or multi-accounting and account takeover. In this thought-provoking session, André Ferraz and his marketplace guests will discuss the shortcomings of legacy device fingerprinting solutions and the factors that have contributed to them. They will discuss this impact on marketplace businesses and explore the urgent need for a next-generation solution. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the factors restricting the efficacy of current solutions, what they should look for in a device recognition solution, and the innovations transforming device recognition and minimizing its downstream effects. In this session, attendees will learn: (1) What factors have contributed to the depreciation of existing device fingerprinting solutions; (2) The impact of underperforming device fingerprinting solutions on effective fraud prevention; and (3) Innovative solutions, like Location Fingerprint, and how it may be the key to the next generation of device recognition solutions.
Oct 31, 2023

10:50 AM

Room B

How AI Works and How Humans Can Shape It for Content Moderation

- Michael Dworsky, Co-Founder & CEO, Cove
- Jan Eissfeldt, Director, Global Head of Trust & Safety, Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

With the safety risks of recent astounding advancements in AI, platforms must ready themselves for new threats. We know bad actors will weaponize AI to spread abuse and toxicity, but AI also presents an opportunity for Trust & Safety teams to use this new technology to their advantage. It can be intimidating for Trust & Safety teams to figure out how to best leverage AI, particularly when those teams are increasingly strapped for engineering resources. This session will be a crash course on how AI actually works under the hood, how Trust & Safety teams can best utilize it, and how non-technical teams can guide and adjust it - without code - to solve the right problems. No technical background or knowledge is needed - participants should leave understanding, at a high level, the mechanics of AI and large language models (LLMs), how humans can shape AI models to be more effective without needing to write code, and how Trust & Safety teams might deploy AI in their own products to prevent abuse.
Oct 31, 2023

10:50 AM

Room C

Delivering Safety in the Sharing Economy Through Effective Use of Data

- Jack Perkins, Underwriter, Apollo
- Xander Fritz, Director, Risk & Insurance, DoorDash
- Trevor Smith, SVP, Sharing Economy + Mobility Casualty Leader, Marsh

In this session, presenters will explore how data-driven strategies enable platforms and insurers to establish new standards of trust and safety in the sharing economy. Join our panellists to uncover how delivery platforms and Insurers harness richer data to continually improve standards and learn about the vital role of strategic data collection and partnerships in fostering a reliable ecosystem.
Oct 31, 2023

11:30 AM

Room A

How to Zero to One AI & ML in Trust & Safety

- Chad Dennis, Manager, Trust & Safety Strategy, DoorDash
- Lear Wang, Engineering Manager, DoorDash
- Michael Lin, Co-Founder, Intrinsic

Join Michael Lin from Intrinsic, Chad Dennis, and Lear Wang from DoorDash in a panel discussion that reveals the behind-the-scenes engineering journey of AI & ML in Trust & Safety. Uncover how DoorDash developed and implemented their first Trust & Safety ML model from the ground up, with real-world learnings disrupting massive scams and fraud rings for one of the world's largest marketplaces. Gain insights into the best practices for Trust & Safety leaders to foster collaboration between operations and engineering teams, ensuring optimal protection against marketplace abuse.
Oct 31, 2023

11:30 AM

Room B

Trust Unleashed: Turbocharging Onboarding and Taming Marketplace Mavericks

- Imogen Hammond-Williams, Senior Account Executive, Veriff
- Daniel Severin, Head of Insurance, Bolt

In the fast-paced world of online marketplaces, establishing trust and safety while streamlining user onboarding presents significant challenges. Ensuring the legitimacy of users is a continuous struggle against fraudulent activities, false identities, and unreliable products. Striving for a harmonious equilibrium between robust identity verification and frictionless onboarding is crucial. Overcoming these challenges is essential to fostering a secure marketplace ecosystem, where users can confidently engage, transactions are safeguarded, and authentic connections flourish. In this session we will discuss the benefits of age verification and estimateion and identity verification.
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