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May 16-18 2023

Every business has risk. Identifying and mitigating risk determines success vs failure especially for innovative and disruptive marketplaces and digital platforms. Each year the industry convenes at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference - the first and only conference focused on risk management, trust & safety, compliance & regulatory and legal strategy for marketplaces and digital platforms.

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Leveraging Data to Enable Proactive Detection A Sharing Economy Case Study with Wonolo REC
Leveraging Data to Enable Proactive Detection A Sharing Economy Case Study with Wonolo REC


  • Marketplace and digital platform founders and leaders

  • Innovative solution providers, vendors and firms

  • Industry leaders and subject matter experts


  • Learn leading strategies to protect your platform

  • Network with platform peers from around the world

  • Share your knowledge and experience with the industry


  • Risk management

  • Trust & Safety

  • Compliance & regulatory

  • Legal strategy

Designed for marketplace and digital platform founders and leaders.

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Meet the speakers

Jaime Padgett.jpg
Abhay Antony


Head of Trust & Safety, Proactive & Policy

Jaime Padgett.jpg
André Ferraz


CEO and Co-Founder

Jaime Padgett.jpg
Calvin Mang


Director Insurance

Jaime Padgett.jpg
Amanda Witt

Kilpatrick Townsend


Jaime Padgett.jpg
Anoop Joshi


VP, Legal & Platform Integrity

Jaime Padgett.jpg
Candace Bertoldi

Seyfarth Shaw


Jaime Padgett.jpg
Andrew Blachman

Marketplace Capital


Jaime Padgett.jpg
Ariel Futter


Senior Customer Success Manager

Jaime Padgett.jpg
Chad Dennis


Manager, Trust & Safety Strategy

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2023 DRAFT agenda
(Session TIMEs & DATES TBD)



He Said, She Said - Responding to and Resolving Safety Incidents and Marketplace Disputes

- Sarah Schol
- Scott Cannon
- Jessica Ballard



Trust and Safety In the Age of ChatGPT and AI

- Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust and Safety Architect, Persona
- Sahil Farooqi, Head of Customer Care, Rently

As AI technologies become commodities, they become convenient mass weapons for fraudsters to generate deepfakes, voicefakes, and synthetic IDs. But rather than fighting AI with a single silver bullet, companies should take a layered approach and constantly adapt their strategy to prevent this kind of fraud from overwhelming their system. In this presentation, learn actionable tips from trust and safety leads from Persona and *TO BE CONFIRMED COMPANIES* on how to fight generative AI fraud and scale trust and safety processes against an ever-rising tide of AI-generated content. Content: 1. Context setting: why is AI so good at committing fraud 1a. Speed at which you can create iterations 1b. Make it realistic 2. Overview of different types of AI-generated fraud and what other companies have experienced 2a. Synthetic IDs 2b. Deepfakes 2c. Voicefakes 3. Fraud fighting strategy: how to take a multi-faceted approach


Implementing Trust & Safety for All Communities

- Stephen Fusco, Director of Legal Affairs and Data Security, HopSkipDrive
- Sandra Dainora, Chief Product Officer, Sittercity

Taken from Equinix’s campaign around building spaces where people can say they are safe, they belong and they matter, this session will explore the ways marketplace and sharing economy startups can foster inclusive communities.


0 to 0.5 - Early Stage Lessons Learned from Founders

- Lynn Perkins, CEO, UrbanSitter
- Gabriel Isserlis, Founder & CEO, Tutti
- Maryna Rybakova, CEO & Founder, Artsted
- Reneta Jenik, Founder & CEO, Foodom

In this session CEOs will be talking through how they got their marketplaces off the ground, looking back on key moments in the journey, sharing insights, and reflecting on both good and bad choices along the way, in hindsight.


How Do We Use Data to Shape Micro-Mobility Regulation?

- Chris Moore, Head of Apollo ibott 1971, Apollo
- Calvin Mang, Director, Insurance, Lime

In this session, we will discuss robust data collection of risk metrics that have an impact on risk based decision making and insurance. We will discuss the different Micro-Mobility regulations globally and the different insurance requirements to meet those needs. We will discuss how we can use data to work with regulators to shape fit for purpose regulation to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business.


2023: A Space-Sharing Odyssey

- Paul Coleman, President and CEO, TERN Financial Group Inc.
- Ted Pike, SVP, Paragon
- Jahangez Chaudhery, Class Leader, Accident & Health, ibott 1971
- Matt Bendett, Co-Founder, Peerspace

The session will underscore how insurance can be strategically deployed, and operational risk embraced as a driver of growth and revenue. A panel of seasoned insurance veterans unveil the mysteries of risk in simple language, quash commonly held misconceptions in the context of actual chronicles, and memorable..and sometimes humorous tales from the front lines.