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The Future of Trust & Safety: Harnessing AI for Marketplace Fraud Prevention

April 24, 2024

Company & Presenters:

- Garient Evans, SVP of Product, Enformion
- Travis Favaron, VP of Product, Verosint
- Kevin Lee, VP of Trust and Safety, Sift

Join us for "The Future of Trust & Safety: Harnessing AI for Marketplace Fraud Prevention" an engaging and educational webinar tailored for digital trust & safety professionals, tech product leaders, and AI enthusiasts eager to explore the frontier of fraud prevention.

This workshop-style event is a deep dive into the transformative power of AI in redefining fraud prevention strategies for digital marketplaces. You’ll learn directly from leading experts in the field, offering a blend of insightful discussions, real-world examples, and interactive segments designed to provide actionable insights and foster collaborative learning.

What You'll Experience:
- In-Depth Expertise: Insights from industry leaders Travis Favaron (Verosint), Garient Evans (Enformion), and Kevin Lee (Sift) on the integration and impact of AI in fraud prevention strategies.
- Real-World Applications: Engaging show-and-tell sessions showcasing how AI technologies have successfully neutralized advanced fraud tactics.
- Synergy Between AI and Human Expertise: Discover how AI enhances human efforts in fraud detection, including real-life examples where AI's insights have pivoted fraud prevention strategies and the nuances of integrating AI with human-driven approaches.
- Future-Focused Discussions: Exploration of the evolving landscape of AI in fraud prevention and ethical and legal considerations for tomorrow’s digital marketplace.
- Interactive Engagement: Live polls and Q&A sessions designed to encourage participation and facilitate peer learning.

Why Attend: Equip yourself with the knowledge to leverage AI technologies in enhancing your fraud prevention efforts and learn from the successes and challenges of top industry players.

The Future of Trust & Safety: Harnessing AI for Marketplace Fraud Prevention

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