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Advisory Board Spotlight: PJ Rohall, SME at Featurespace, and Co-Founder at About-Fraud

PJ loves enabling other fraud fighters which lead to the co-founding of About-Fraud, a passion project that quickly scaled into Global Community. He drives the strategic roadmap and is obsessed with providing differentiating value for the audience. Outside of About-Fraud, PJ leverages his domain expertise to drive GTM strategy for technology partners and enable revenue generation for sales opportunities. PJ exudes passion and vibrancy that engages others, while offering a refreshing dose of emotional intelligence.

Our Advisory Board is the very lifeblood of everything we do at Marketplace Risk. From conferences and virtual events to resources and advice for startups, our board takes a hands-on approach to providing indispensable insight and guidance, drawing on their broad experience that spans a multitude of platforms and industries. We are so excited to welcome PJ to the Advisory Board!

As Marketplace Risk continues to grow, we have expanded our Advisory Board, with calls for new members who can use their skills and experience to help startups. We asked PJ a few questions to get to know him better:

Tell us what you do in / your connection to the marketplace / sharing economy space?

My fraud prevention career kicked off on the merchant side of things with eBay Enterprise. While I helped more traditional merchants, fraud and risk in marketplaces always intrigued me (along with the platform business model in general). I enjoy learning about how fraud challenges of traditional merchants map over to marketplaces and how we can keep these safe places to transact.

What interests / fascinates you most about marketplaces / the sharing economy?

How quickly they can scale (in both directions!). If the value and experience is enjoyable for both buyers and sellers, the marketplace can scale nicely. However, if poor experiences flood your marketplace you will lose engagement on both sides and can scale the other direction just as quick.

How were you first introduced to marketplaces / the sharing economy?

Probably from reading "Platform Revolution" wrote an article back in 2017 on LinkedIn.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Pediatrician (no clue why!)

What motivates you the most about your business/platform?

Finding differentiating value folks can't find anywhere else.

Do your friends and family understand what you do?

Haha, not really. At one point I am pretty sure my wife thought I was an internet police officer??

What one or two things do you do each day religiously?

Mindfulness Meditation. Clean up after dinner.

Who inspires you from a business point of view?

Anyone who fails loads of times and persists through it to success. Take a pick of business.

What’s your favourite social media channel, and what was the last thing you posted on it?

LinkedIn - post about the company's SKO.

What do you think the world of marketplaces / sharing economy will look like in 10 years?

Loads more. It's the most efficient way to scale a business. Just need to keep the fraud/risk in check :)

If you’d like to be part of a dynamic group of founders, operators and subject matter experts, and your expertise and ideas could help us to better support the marketplace ecosystem, reach out to us at

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