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Marketplace Risk x T&S Mentor Match!

Looking to grow your career in Trust & Safety?  We are proud to partner with T&S Mentor Match to bring several experts to MRMC24 who are available to do IRL mentoring! Personalized 1-1 sessions are available throughout the day on Wednesday, May 15th. Mentor sessions are great for anyone looking to expand their skills and scope, pivot their career, or get that next promotion.

T&S Mentor Match times: May 15th, 9:45 AM - 5:30 PM

Where to book my mentor matching session? Go to Conference Tab on the app > Scroll down to Mentor Match

Where will the session be held? In the workshop/networking area, please see the floorplan attached.

“Getting an outside perspective on my career trajectory from someone who has been through similar pivots and has trail-blazed a path for themself has been so valuable. They had insights I never would have thought of on my own. I highly recommend working with a mentor!”

“Together we picked apart my experience and she helped me see how it could come together and translate to different types of roles. It was a critical step in refining my resume for a more successful job search.”


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