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Get Ready to be Inspired: MRMC23 Keynote Speakers Tackle the Hottest Topics in Technology

The Marketplace Risk Management Conference (SF, May 16-18) brings together some of the most influential minds from the marketplace and digital platform ecosystem to learn, network and exchange information about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Of the 70 sessions presented, the keynote speeches will shine a spotlight on two of the hottest topics today, "How the Internet Improves Humanity" by Eric Goldman, and "Real World ML - Practical Tradeoffs to Manage Marketplace Risk, Trust & Safety" by Vishal Kapoor.

In his keynote, Professor Eric Goldman will highlight the many ways in which the Internet has improved our lives. From enabling us to connect with people across the globe to making it easier to find information and access services, the Internet has fundamentally transformed the way we live, work, and play. One underappreciated aspect of the Internet, according to Goldman, is its capacity to increase pro-social interactions and reduce anti-social ones. He argues that online communities and platforms can provide a space for people to come together and collaborate, share ideas, and support one another. However, Goldman also acknowledges that misguided regulatory efforts to "fix" the Internet could hinder its potential to improve humanity.

The second keynote, delivered by Vishal Kapoor, focuses on the practical tradeoffs involved in managing risk, trust, and safety in a live Predictive ML system. Kapoor discusses the challenges of operating a marketplace like Shipt's on-demand delivery service, which disburses billions of dollars of P&L each year. He explains how the company uses predictive AI to identify and mitigate risks in real-time, such as fraudulent orders or unsafe delivery conditions. Kapoor emphasizes the importance of balancing risk management with user experience, noting that overly strict rules and regulations could drive away customers and reduce trust in the platform.

The Marketplace Risk Management Conference provides valuable insights into the complex and ever-changing landscape of online marketplaces and digital platforms. The keynotes by Eric Goldman and Vishal Kapoor are just a small sample of the diverse perspectives and ideas that will be shared at the event, and attendees will be left with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead. You can check the full agenda, see the speaker lineup and register here.

More about the keynote speakers…

Professor Eric Goldman is an expert in Internet law, intellectual property and advertising & marketing law, which he regularly writes about in his extremely popular Technology & Marketing Law Blog. He is widely known for his thought-provoking and insightful analysis of legal issues that have been driven by the digital age. Professor Goldman started practicing Internet law in 1994, and he taught his first course on the subject in 1996. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he has become a leading authority on the legal issues that shape our online lives, and his work has had a significant impact on the development of Internet law in the United States and beyond.

Vishal Kapoor is a product leader spanning marketplaces, transportation, advertising, search, messaging, gaming, and retail industries, at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, Lyft, and Shipt. He is an industry speaker and company advisor with a passion for building, launching and scaling next-generation consumer products impacting billions in revenue, opex, and P&L. Vishal is passionate about solving audacious problems through a principled, outcome-oriented, and collaborative approach.

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May 10, 2023

Looking forward to this!

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