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Digital Identity & Fraud Prevention: Unmasking Platform Threats and Solutions

Are you ready to dive into the dynamic world of digital identity and fraud prevention? Look no further than the upcoming 2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit - your opportunity to gain invaluable insights, strategies, and solutions to tackle some of the most pressing challenges for marketplaces, including digital identity and fraud prevention.

The Global Summit is jam-packed with content that will educate and equip you with the latest knowledge and tools to safeguard your marketplace from fraudsters and bad actors. As the cornerstone of trust & safety, digital identity will be a heavy focus of this event. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the intriguing content:

Fake Reviews & Transparency: UK, US & EU Regulatory Obligations

- Curtis Boyd, Founder, The Transparency Company

- Chris Downie, CEO & Co-Founder, Pasabi

- Agne Kaarlep, Global Head of Policy and Advisory, Tremau

- Ylwa Rein, Global Public Policy Strategy & Advocacy Manager, Wolt

Fraud Prevention Strategies for the Whole Customer Journey

- Brittany Allen, Trust and Safety Architect, Sift

- Ben Smith, Senior Manager, TuroFraud Prevention Strategies for the Whole Customer Journey

Verifying Workers Post-Brexit: Marketplace Considerations and Best Practices

- Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust and Safety Architect, Persona

- Sidra Khan, Global Trust & Safety Leader for Marketplaces, TaskRabbit

The Next Generation Device Fingerprint (and Why You Need It)

- Pedro Bennasar, Head of Payments, Vestiaire Collective

- André Ferraz, CEO & Co-Founder, Incognia

Getting KYC & KYB Right: How Transport Exchange Group & Trustd Enabled Marketplace Payments & Finance

- Lyall Cresswell, Founder & CEO, Transport Exchange Group & Trustd

- Steve Craig, Founder & Chief Enablement Officer, PEAK IDV

PSD2 Regulations: What Does it Mean to Marketplaces and How Can You Protect Yourself?

- Sadra Hosseini, CEO, Ryft

- Chloe Smith, CEO, Tuft

Combating Fraud in B2B Marketplaces

- Steve Grice, Trustap

- Steve Craig, PEAK IDV

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The 2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit promises to be a game-changer for marketplace and digital platform founders, leaders and experts looking to unlock a world of knowledge, strategies, and solutions for effective risk management and trust & safety. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn valuable insights, network with peers, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving marketplace and digital platform ecosystem.

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