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2023 in Review: A Year of Insights and Engagement!

As 2023 comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your engagement and contributions to the Marketplace Risk community. We are wrapping up an incredible year with nearly 8,000 marketplace and digital platform founders and leaders engaging in more than 110 hours of content across a myriad of in-person and virtual programs and events. Here's a snapshot of what we accomplished this year, including some of the most popular content within our events and programs:


Content Breakdown:

- Conferences 123 sessions were presented between MRMC23 and MRGS23

- Virtual Events: 28 virtual events were presented ahead of the conferences and summits

- Podcast: 20 episodes were released between two Platform Podcast series

- Content Hours: 110 hours of peer-led, expert content across the Marketplace Risk platform


Engaging Participation:

- Conferences: 1,210 attendees joined MRMC in San Francisco and MRGS in London

- Virtual Events: 2,810 registered for 28 virtual events among two series preceding MRMC and MRGS

- Podcast: 3,918 community members tuned into the Platform Podcast throughout the year

- Speakers & Presenters: 279 founders, leaders and experts shared their insights across the platform


Virtual Events: A sneak peek into the top five most popular topics:


Podcast Episodes: Insightful conversations that resonated the most:


Top Sessions at the Conferences and Summits:


2023 Marketplace Risk Management Conference:

1. The Importance of Supply-Side Trust: Industry Perspectives and Strategies

2. Trust & Safety Lessons from Different Platform Perspectives

3. Best Practices in Trust & Safety Enforcement

4. Good vs. Evil: Generative AI, ChatGPT, Deepfakes & Other Emerging Tech

5. How to Showcase the Value of Your Fraud Detection Team in Your Company


2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit:

1. Content Moderation: Ensuring Transparency and Compliance

2. How to Zero to One AI & ML in Trust & Safety

3. Fake Reviews & Transparency: UK, US & EU Regulatory Obligations

4. Delivering Safety in the Sharing Economy Through Effective Use of Data*

5. The Next Generation Device Fingerprint (and Why You Need It)


You can catch all of this content on-demand on the Marketplace Risk platform, including access to all the recorded sessions from the Marketplace Risk Management Conference and Marketplace Risk Global Summit, exclusively offered to Marketplace Risk community members. You can learn more about joining the Marketplace Risk community here.


Mark your calendars for the 2024 Marketplace Risk Management Conference in San Francisco May 14-16 and the Marketplace Risk Global Summit in London November 12-14. To learn more about sponsoring any of our events or programs, contact us at

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