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Fraud Prevention: Cost Center or Profit Center?

March 20, 2024

Company & Presenters:

- Brian Davis, Head of Fraud at Dodgeball
- André Ferraz, CEO and Co-Founder of Incognia

Everyone knows the fraud prevention team plays a key role in protecting the bottom line. But fewer people recognize how this team contributes to that bottom line.

The fraud prevention team doesn’t just prevent losses: they directly boost profitability and enhance customer experience.

How can we shift this narrative and ensure fraud prevention is recognized as the profit center it really is?
Join us for a deep dive into the impact of fraud prevention on your company's profitability. We’ll explore the critical ways fraud prevention teams are undervalued, the obvious and less obvious ways they impact a company’s revenue, and how you can advocate for the value of fraud prevention at your company.

We’ll cover topics like:
- Common misperceptions about the value of fraud prevention
- Why fraud prevention gets undervalued
- How fraud prevention teams contribute directly to profitability
- Indirect impacts to profitability that you might be missing
- How economic conditions can elevate fraud prevention
- How to position fraud prevention as a profit center

Fraud Prevention: Cost Center or Profit Center?

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