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Wedlake Bell

Corporate Partner

About me:

Edward leads on the most complex and innovative transactions delivered at Wedlake Bell and provides technical leadership to both the team and the profession. Edward steps down as chair of the Company Law Committee of The Law Society after a three year term in September 2022. In that role, Edward has most recently been responsible for the vital guidance to solicitors in conducting verification under the new register of overseas entities. The 2021 practice note and Q&A on electronic signatures in the context of COVID has proven a very valuable resource to practitioners. Edward has a long-established practice focussed on governance and transparency and is currently building on his PSC experience in supporting clients in managing the new ROE provisions. Edward has twice been the author of the Corporate Governance Code issued by The Quoted Companies Alliance, which is used by the vast majority of companies on AIM. Chambers & Partners said that Edward is “always thinking outside the box to come up with very clever and unusual ideas.”


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Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 3:20:00 PM UTC

Common Roadblocks for Growing a Regulated Marketplace

Room 3

Alex Kroeger, Edward Craft

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