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Dhruv Mehrotra

AI Solutions Group


About me:

Dhruv Mehrotra is a product exec in SF with over 20 years in tech, of which over a decade has been with 12 marketplaces of all flavors (B2B, B2C, C2C, B2B2C) and stages (zero-to-one, growth, scale) in roles requiring heavy engagement with AI/ML. Currently, he & his former colleagues run AI Solutions Group, a consulting firm partnering with firms to improve efficiency & enhance ops via AI. In the past, he has led product, BD, marketing, strategy & ops teams at Wish, WalmartLabs, Mercari, Google, Intuit and Expedia. Dhruv has graduate degrees in Computer Engineering & Management from UT-Austin and MIT and holds 3 patents in ML/AI (1 pending).


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