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The Balancing Act of Customer Onboarding

March 6, 2024

Company & Presenters:

- Matt Badgerow, Sr. Fraud Solutions Consultant – Retail, eCommerce and Gig Economy, TransUnion
- Tracey Lazos, Sr. Director Gig Economy Strategy, TransUnion

When it comes to fostering strong customer relationships, consumers are in the driver’s seat. This is especially true during the initial onboarding experience: consumers expect smooth and easy digital account origination journeys. At the same time, fraud is becoming more sophisticated than ever—and evolving every day—necessitating an appropriate level of friction for security purposes. How can businesses keep fraudsters out without hindering the user experience for good customers? In this session, learn how businesses are employing powerful, layered solutions for robust digital coverage – combining device reputation, device-to-identity linkages, and user behavior – to help ensure that good customers receive the onboarding experience they deserve while effectively minimizing risk.

Walk away from this session with a clear path to:
- Ensure great consumer onboarding experiences: drive acquisition of genuine customers while reducing abandonment and increasing loyalty.
- Assess the risk of each consumer: detect synthetic fraud and prevent account origination fraud without adding undue friction.
- Protect consumers, your business and your bottom line from increasingly sophisticated and frequent fraud threats.

The Balancing Act of Customer Onboarding

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