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Advisory Board
Member Application


The Advisory Board is the backbone of Marketplace Risk's global community - and it shapes everything that we do. From our in-person conferences and summits, to our virtual events and digital content, we look to the Advisory Board for insight, support and guidance.

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FIRST, READ THE Role and Expectations of
the ADvisory Board

The Advisory Board supports and contributes to the Marketplace Risk platform. To that end, Advisory Board members must demonstrate experience and/or expertise with one or more areas of focus, broadly risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy for marketplace and sharing economy startups. Additionally, we prioritize members who will contribute meaningfully to our programs and events, including by raising the profile of the Marketplace Risk platform within their networks and beyond. At a minimum, we look to the Advisory Board to: (1) provide meaningful insights and relevant information about the industry; (2) identify and approach industry experts to participate in our programs and events; (3) expand our network with other communities, organizations, and individuals; and, (4) amplify and expand our programs and events.

We expect our Advisory Board to be active participants. At minimum, we expect the Advisory Board to:

  • Commit to at least a one-year term (January - December);

  • Attend at least one in-person event (conference or summit);

  • Support in-person events by: (1) identifying and sourcing speakers; (2) promoting within network via email and social media; and (3) participating in the program and content curation;

  • Participate in at least one other program (eg, blog, Platform Podcast, Live Event Series); and

  • Identify opportunities to raise the visibility of the Marketplace Risk platform wherever possible. 

The Advisory Board is not compensated; however, there is no cost for Advisory Board members to attend any events or programs. In addition, the Advisory Board may offer colleagues and peers complimentary attendance at certain events and programs. 


The Advisory Board members start from when they have been selected. Advisory Board members' service ends December 31st of the same year unless invited to rejoin for another year. Advisory Board members may be asked to withdraw if they develop a conflict of interest, as determined by Marketplace Risk. Each January we refresh the Advisory Board to ensure that we stay connected to the industry and actively engaged with our community. By refreshing the Advisory Board, we will invite certain, current Advisory Board members to continue for another term. This invitation may be based on the level of participation, involvement in current or planned programs and events, or because the knowledge, experience and expertise is deemed essential.  We will also identify gaps within the Advisory Board and approach qualified candidates to apply, as well as open the application process to the broader community. 

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