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CALL FOR SPEAKERS - 2024 Marketplace Risk Management Conference


Submit your proposal to speak at Marketplace Risk Management Conference - the first and only conference focused on risk management, trust & safety, compliance & regulatory and legal strategy for marketplaces and digital platforms. The Marketplace Risk Management Conference is May 16-18, 2023, in San Francisco, CA.

Leadership Presentation

Call for Speakers - 2024 Marketplace Risk
Management Conference

1. About you

Which best describes your company / organization?

1. About your proposal

Format of proposal
Confirm that the proposal includes one or more marketplace and/or digital platform(s) as presenter(s).* Please note, proposals with marketplaces and/or digital platform co-presenters are prioritized over all other proposals.
Please confirm all presenters/panelists consent to the session being recorded and made available for the Marketplace Risk community. (Agenda will be prioritized accordingly)
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