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How Fraud Evolves as Payments Enter Marketplaces

March 13, 2024

Company & Presenters:

- Priya Chandrasekaran, Fraud Strategy Lead at Unit21
- Rick Hiltbrunner, Director of Fraud Operations at Patreon
- Stephanie Horowitz, Director of Trust Operations at Wonolo
- Jacob Wilson, Director of Data and Analytics at Alto

Fraud is ever-changing and varies greatly by marketplace business model.

This webinar brings together experts from Patreon, Wonolo and Alto to highlight how fraud evolves as payments are integrated into marketplaces.

We’ll hear from Fraud, T&S and Data Analytics professionals about:
- The fraud and T&S trends they are faced with today.
- How fraud differs in marketplaces with and without payment components.
- How to build fraud, T&S and product strategies with these differences in mind.

How Fraud Evolves as Payments Enter Marketplaces

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