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Learn Trust & Safety from Experienced Marketplace and Digital Platform Leaders

Marketplaces and digital platforms have been proliferating in nearly all aspects of our lives - from rideshare and pet care to vacation rentals and food delivery (and everything in between). No matter where you turn, marketplaces offer you products and services that can make your journey easy, pets happy, vacations comfortable and dinner delivered in an instant. These platforms have made our lives easier and more enjoyable because they have made huge investments into trust & safety - ensuring that users on all sides of the transaction are safe and trustworthy.

When thinking through trust & safety, it’s important to understand that there are several core building blocks to consider, including establishing and communicating clear policies with your community, leveraging tools and resources that help screen users, implementing effective procedures for evaluating transactions, maintaining reliable systems that monitor various types of ongoing risk, facilitating positive and negative feedback from users, and instilling an organizational culture that prioritizes trust & safety in every functional area.

There’s no doubt that trust & safety can get complex very quickly, with enormous implications if you don’t get it right. But, you don’t even have to figure it out by yourself! That’s because we’ve got experienced marketplace and digital platform leaders who will help you navigate just about all aspects of trust & safety at the 2023 Marketplace Risk Management Conference (SF, May 16-18). Here are just some of the sessions you can attend that will make your trust & safety journey much easier and more successful:

Trust & Safety Lessons from Different Platform Perspectives

  • Mike Wilkins, Head of Trust & Safety, Turo

  • Jennifer Kelly, Senior Director, Seller Verification & Financial Crime Ops, Etsy

  • Eric Timmreck, Head of Trust & Safety, OfferUp

  • Sujata Mukherjee, Head of Research, Trust & Safety, Google

The Importance of Supply-Side Trust: Industry Perspectives and Strategies

  • Megan Poonolly, Head of Trust & Transparency, Play and Android, Google

  • Abhay Antony, Director, Trust & Safety, Proactive & Policy, Thumbtack

  • Vishal Kapoor, Director of Product, Shipt

How to Showcase the Value of Your Fraud Detection Team in Your Company

  • Sarika Oak, Director, Trust and Safety Operations, Udemy

  • Ramon Gutierrez, Senior Manager, Etsy

  • Ganesh Natesan, Principal Consultant - World Wide Public Sector, Amazon

Leveraging Behavioral Data to Prevent Fraud, Promotion Abuse and Money Laundering

  • Wale Ayantoye, Director Financial Crime Ops, Etsy

  • André Ferraz, CEO and Co-Founder, Incognia

  • Ganesh Natesan, Principal Consultant - World Wide Public Sector, Amazon

Trust and Safety In the Age of ChatGPT and AI

  • Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust and Safety Architect, Persona

  • Sahil Farooqi, Director of Business Operations, Rently

How Real-Time Alerts Help Keep Dashers Safe

  • Rob Ferreira, VP Business Development, samdesk

  • Chad Dennis, Manager, Trust & Safety Strategy, DoorDash

Building trust & safety is essential for the success of all marketplaces and digital platforms. In fact, it is the cornerstone of a thriving community and solid reputation. That’s why Marketplace Risk has dedicated an entire peer-led conference for more than 700 founders and leaders to learn, network and exchange experiences with each other during 70 sessions and countless networking opportunities. You can learn more about the Marketplace Risk Management Conference (SF, May 16-18) and see the agenda here:

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