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Mitigating Marketplace Risk

July 20, 2022

Company & Presenters:

- Uri Arad, VP Product & Co-Founder at Identiq
- Caitlyn McNerney, Director of Trust & Safety Operations, Upwork
- Daniel Barak, Payments Risk Analyst, Fiverr
- Ronnie Gammage, Sr. Manager Trust and Safety Policy, Wag Labs Inc.

Mules are nothing new, but the gig economy of fraud has taken the system of “fraudsters’ little helpers” to a whole new level. In this webinar, a panel of industry experts including Upwork’s Director of Trust & Safety Operations Caitlyn McNerney, Fiverr’s Payments Risk Analyst Daniel Barak and Identiq’s VP Product Uri Arad discuss the impact that the gig economy of fraud has had on marketplaces and their users, how the subtle signs of this activity can be spotted, and what to do about it.

Mitigating Marketplace Risk

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