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Compliance, Regulatory, Legal & Insurance Sessions Announced! - #MRMC22

We are excited to share the Identity, Payments & Fraud Prevention sessions taking place at our upcoming Marketplace Risk Management Conference (May 17-18, San Francisco).

The agenda is packed full of insightful sessions led by renowned marketplace founders, operators and experts specializing in compliance, regulatory, legal and insurance - and many offer CLE credit.

Whether you’re hoping to learn when to consider arbitration, discover more about website accessibility or take a deep dive into the emerging risk landscape, we’ve got you covered.

Privacy Trends: CCPA, GDPR and Multi-State Enforcement Impacting Platforms

  • Anne Voigts, Partner, King & Spalding

  • Christopher Burris, Partner, King & Spalding

  • Jason Priebe, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Terms of Service: Your Marketplace's First Line of Defense (And What's on the Horizon)

  • Brian Powers, GM - Clickwrap, Ironclad

Government Relations & Public Policy: How to Engage in the Early Years

  • Heather Lewis, Director, Community, CS DISCO

  • Daniel Serota, Director of Public Affairs, Aon

ADA Website Accessibility: What Every Platform Must Know About Compliance!

  • Sandra Dainora, Chief Product Officer, Sittercity

  • Michele Landis, Co-Founder & CRO, Accessible360

  • Kristina Launey, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

To Arbitrate or Not: How Mass Arbitrations are Impacting Dispute Resolution

  • Keith Chapman, General Counsel, Instawork

  • Albert Giang, Partner, King & Spalding

Why Hand Over Your Embedded Insurance When It Could Make Money for Your Platform? The CitizenShipper Case Study

  • Matheus Riolfi, Co-founder & CEO, Tint

  • Richard Obousy, Founder and CEO, CitizenShipper

Navigating Risk in the Micro-Mobility Sector

  • Joe Hurley, Practice Leader - Sharing and Gig Economy, WTW

  • Flavia De Mattia, Underwriter, ibott (Apollo)

  • Brandon Kaufman, Counsel, Litigation, Insurance and Risk, Spin

What Keeps Your General Counsel Up at Night?

  • Keith Chapman, General Counsel, Instawork

  • Nathan Garnett, General Counsel, OfferUp

  • Katie Waitzman, Deputy General Counsel, Safety & Core Services, Uber Technologies

  • Elle Tucker, Chair, Advisory Board, Marketplace Risk

Startup to Scale: How to Build a Risk Management Plan that Fits Your Platform

  • Brandy Mayfield, Lead, Digital Economy, Aon

  • Natalie Iturralde, Sr. Director, Trust & Safety, Gopuff

Risk Management 101 for Marketplaces

  • Wendy Dowd, Head of Sharing Economy & Shared Mobility, Y-Risk, LLC

  • John Tomaszewski, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw

  • Andrew Deutsch, AVP Sr Contract and Compliance Manager, Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions

The Emerging Risk Landscape for Platforms

  • Garrett Johnston, Senior Vice President, Aon

  • Peter Holz, SVP - Head of Commercial IP Risk, Aon

  • Iain Boyer, Chief Underwriting Officer, Y-Risk

Fireside Chat: How Tend Grew 35X With a W-2 and 1099 Workforce and Same-Day Pay

  • Brett Barlow, CEO, Everee

  • Davis Waddell, Tender in Chief, Tend

Insurance for Marketplace Platforms: A Centralised vs De-Centralised Model

  • Dean Broomhead, ibott Underwriter, Apollo

  • Sam Brunell, Lead Actuary, Airbnb

The Communications Decency Act: What You Need to Know and What's on the Horizon

  • Albert Giang, Partner, King & Spalding

How to Stay Ahead of Fraudulent Sellers

  • Kevin Lee, VP Trust and Safety, Sift

  • Mindy Kasting, PM, Adyen

  • Sandi Liu, Payments Risk Product, Google Inc.

Onboarding Pitfalls: Collecting Age, Gender, Race, Vax & More

  • Pamela Devata, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

CEO Perspectives on Risk Across Verticals

  • Lynn Perkins, CEO, UrbanSitter

  • John Lee, CEO & Founder, Loopie

  • Jag Lamba, Founder & CEO, Certa

  • Deepa Sureka, Founder and CEO, Kora Life Inc.

Background Check: Risks and Benefits

  • Pamela Devata, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Peer-to-Peer Rentals: Harnessing Risk for Strategic Rewards

  • Dean Broomhead, ibott Underwriter, Apollo

  • Colton Gardner, Co-Founder, Neighbor

  • Paul Coleman, President and CEO, TERN Financial Group Inc.

  • Jacqueline Yau, Head of Insurance, Tint

The Importance of Occupational Accident to Sharing Economy Platforms Both Now and In the Future

  • Trevor Smith, SVP, Sharing Economy & Mobility Casualty Leader, Marsh

  • Jahangez Chaudhery, Occupational Accident Underwriter, Apollo ibott

View the final agenda to see the complete list of sessions on offer!

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