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Exploring Trust & Safety with Seasoned Marketplace and Digital Platform Leaders

Marketplaces and digital platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you need a ride, pet care, a vacation rental, or a quick meal, there's a platform available. But the seemless integration into our lives would not be possible without a significant focus and investment into trust & safety. These measures ensure that all users involved in transactions can trust each other.

When delving into the realm of trust and safety, it's crucial to recognize the fundamental building blocks that contribute to a secure and reliable platform. These include establishing and communicating transparent policies to your community, utilizing tools for user screening, implementing efficient transaction evaluation procedures, maintaining vigilant systems to monitor ongoing risks, enabling user feedback, and fostering an organizational culture that prioritizes trust and safety across all functional areas, among others.

1. Creating Trust and Promoting Safety in Online Marketplaces

- Emma Lindley, Managing Director,

- Pedro Bennasar, Head of Payments, Vestiaire Collective

2. How to Zero to One AI & ML in Trust & Safety

- Chad Dennis, Manager, Trust & Safety Strategy, DoorDash

- Michael Lin, Co-Founder, Intrinsic

- Lear Wang, Engineering Manager, DoorDash

3. Rise of the Circular Marketplaces: Addressing Risks and Trust & Safety Issues

- Jahangez Chaudhery, Occupational Accident Underwriter, Apollo

- Peter Evans, Chief Strategy Officer, McFadyen Digital

- Ed Grimston, CEO, Altelium

- Christian van Maaren, CEO, Excess Materials Exchange

4. Holistic Policy - Keeping Pace with Threat Actor Evolution and Breaking Trust and Safety Silos

- Tala Stevens, Global Emerging and Critical Risks Manager - Financial Fraud, Meta

- Sam Traynor, Policy Lead, Trust and Safety, Meta

5. Major Forces Shaping the Trust & Safety Industry

- Jan Eissfeldt, Director, Global Head of Trust & Safety, Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

- Tad Mielnicki, Co-Founder, Overwatch Data

6. Scaling Trust and Safety Operations as the Marketplace Grows

- Aurelija Plėtienė, Director of Engineering, Vinted

- Heather Grunkemeier, Founder / CEO, Twinkle LLC

7. The Balancing Act: Risk Management vs. Business Facilitation

- Patricio Roffo, Global Head of Risk & Compliance, TIER Mobility

- Phillip Watkins, Consultant in Risk and Insurance, Shared Advisory

- Adrien Lebegue, Managing Director - Europe, ZA Tech

- Val Byrne, Director - Commercial Legal, DoorDash

8. Verifying Workers Post-Brexit: Marketplace Considerations and Best Practices

- Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust and Safety Architect, Persona

- Sidra Khan, Global Trust & Safety Leader for Marketplaces, TaskRabbit

9. Measuring the Efficacy of Trust & Safety Programs: Measuring Awareness & Outcomes

- Heather Grunkemeier, Founder / CEO, Twinkle LLC

- Camilla Hegarty, SVP Trust & Safety Practice Lead and Business Development, Teleperformance

- Nile Johnson, Senior Director, Applied Trust & Safety, Institute for Security and Technology

These sessions, led by experts with a wealth of experience in the industry, will equip you with valuable insights and strategies to strengthen trust and safety within your digital platform or marketplace. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and network with industry leaders at the 2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit. Trust & safety are paramount in today's digital landscape, and this event will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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