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We began as a working group of founders and executives from diverse marketplace startups, who came together to explore best practices and learn how to better identify and mitigate the risks associated with our platforms. Over time, our group has expanded to include the entire marketplace startup ecosystem, including investors, founders, executives, lawyers, operators and the vendors and solution providers we rely on.


In 2015, we founded the only conference focused on risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy for the marketplace startup industry - the Marketplace Risk Management Conference. Since then, we've expanded our scope and gone global with the Sharing Economy Global Summit and much more.

Today, the Marketplace Risk Platform is the most comprehensive source of education, networking and information exchange for marketplace, sharing, gig, peer-to-peer and collaborative economy startups to learn risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy necessary to successfully launch, grow and exit. From our blog, e-newsletter, Platform Podcast, community app and Live Event Series to our conferences and summits, Marketplace Risk is the first and only dedicated resource for startups to take their businesses to the next level.


Whether you're an investor, founder, executive, lawyer, operator, or one of the vendors or solution providers serving them, we invite you to join us to learn, network and share information to grow the industry together. Learn more about our community by checking out our website at

May 16-18, 2023, Bespoke, San Francisco, CA, USA


You already get that every business has risk. And you probably understand that identifying and mitigating risk can mean the difference between success and failure. This is especially true for innovative and disruptive marketplace startups. But where do you start?


As the first and only conference focused on risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy for marketplace startups, the ecosystem has turned to the Marketplace Risk Management Conference because it’s the most comprehensive source of education, networking and information sharing. Join hundreds of founders, executives, lawyers and operators from marketplace startups across the country. The call for speakers is closed. Email us at with questions.


Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2022, Lloyd's of London, London, UK

The Sharing Economy Global Summit is the most comprehensive source of education, networking and information sharing for the global sharing economy. Startups and sharing economy industry groups from around the world converge on London, the world's business hub, to learn strategies and tactics tested and vetted through real-world experiences.


The Global Summit offers programming and resources from experts focused on trust and safety, digital identity, screening, payments and fraud prevention, data privacy and cybersecurity, compliance and regulatory, legal and insurance, and product, technology and innovation. The content is designed to equip startups at all stages with effective risk management and legal strategies that enable them to succeed.

Youth Conference
Marketplace Risk

A Private Network

The Marketplace Risk Community App is the only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting founders, operators, and experts as they navigate risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy for their startup. 

Connect with fellow leaders in the marketplace, sharing, gig, p2p, on-demand and collaborative economy — from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Get the best content, resources and insights to successfully launch, grow, and exit your current and future startups. Don't go it alone. Unlocking access to the information you need, when you need it, is just a click away. Join now!

More Engagement Opportunities 
In a Meeting

Feel like you need to get up to speed on risk management for web and mobile marketplaces – fast? You’ve come to the right place. The Marketplace Risk Boot Camp was created to teach cross-functional teams how to identify, predict, prevent and respond to the risks that threaten marketplaces, including customer incidents, insurance claims and litigation that directly affect growth and success.



The Virtual Events features vendors, service providers and partners solving the the web and mobile marketplace technology industry's most pressing issues. Topics include mitigating fraud, online dispute resolution, identity verification and trust, among many others. Webinars occur weekly leading up to the Marketplace Risk Management Conference. Webinars begin at 10am PT / 1pm ET and last one hour. Register to join us to learn more about the most pressing issues facing the web and mobile marketplace technology industry!


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Jeana Takahashi, Director of Trust & Safety Operations,

I wanted to thank you for organizing such an informative, interesting, professional and fun conference! This was my first time attending the Marketplace Risk Conference, and I've come away with a notebook full of quotes and advice from speakers, and ideas about how to implement some of the concepts and strategies I learned from the sessions today. As a small(er) organization thinking about marketplace risk and fraud, it was tremendously valuable to hear from experts across the industry. It's clear that you and the team put an incredible amount of time and care into making this happen; thank you for all your hard work!

Nathan Garnett, General Counsel, OfferUp

The conference gets between and better every year - the quality of the content is always great, but the opportunity to share perspectives and experience with other marketplaces is the best part of the conference and why I find it so valuable. The only thing I might improve is the opportunity to get some written materials for the presentations (either a deck or an outline). I can’t attend every session and it’s not always easy to take notes. 

Elizabeth Harz, CEO, Sittercity

The Marketplace Risk Management Conference is the most comprehensive source of education and information sharing for the marketplace industry. With nearly 50 sessions and over 100 speakers, the content is relevant, useful and actionable. Speakers will cover topics like fraud, data privacy and cybersecurity, compliance, legal and insurance, trust and safety, digital identity and screening, and product and technology innovation. You’ll hear real-world examples and tangible ideas to take back to the office and implement immediately.

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