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Platforms Leveraging AI: Navigating Legal Liability

December 13, 2023

Company & Presenters:

- Patrick Reilly, Partner | Product Liability & Mass Torts, Faegre Drinker
- Peter Evans, Chief Strategy Officer, McFadyen Digital
- Stephen Fusco, Senior Director of Legal Affairs and Data Privacy, HopSkipDrive

AI promises greater personalized and relevant recommendations, less friction associated with transactions, and new innovations regarding intelligent, fun and engaging customer experiences for shoppers. Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by natural language processing will be able to have more natural conversations with customers to assist them in finding products or providing customer support. However, there is no guarantee that AI will be deployed equally successfully across all digital marketplaces. There are risks include the potential for inefficient investment, an erosion of trust, heightened safety risks and imbalances in information that create instability in the ecosystem. This means that the success rates of AI adoption may vary significantly across marketplaces. Success will depend on managing the allocation of tasks roles and responsibilities within the marketplace ecosystem. The platform orchestrator, sellers, buyers, and third-party AI providers must find the right pathway to optimize marketplace deployment.

Platforms Leveraging AI: Navigating Legal Liability

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