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What makes MRMC22 the biggest ever? We caught up with our Founder to find out!

With just over a week until #MRMC22, we caught up with our Founder, Jeremy Gottschalk, to find out more about the biggest ever Marketplace Risk Management Conference and how it's helping startups.

What is it about 2022 that makes MRMC the biggest ever?

The conference has essentially doubled in size every year since its inception in 2015. This is largely due to word of mouth and network effects. As the event has grown, the quality of the speakers and content has improved incredibly. This year, attendees will hear from industry leaders from dozens of verticals within the marketplace and sharing economy ecosystem, including Airbnb, Aon,, Expedia, Field Nation, Google, GoPuff, Imperfect Foods, Instawork, Lyft, Neighbor, OfferUp, Outdoorsy, Peerspace, Shipt, Sittercity, Spin, Thumbtack, TikTok, Turo, Uber, UrbanSitter, uShip, Wag and so many more!

What makes MRMC such a great resource for startups?

The speakers, the content and the networking opportunities are unparalleled. With nearly 150 speakers presenting 75 sessions organized along four tracks - it's truly the most comprehensive source of risk management, trust & safety, compliance & legal strategy.

What interests you most about helping marketplace startups?

When I went in-house at Sittercity, there were virtually no resources available other than law firms. Lawyers and law firms are great - but they can be inaccessible for resource-constrained startups. This is especially true for platforms that are disrupting and innovating, since the laws and regulations have not kept up with the technology. The ability to help founders and early stage startups levels the playing field and helps them succeed. That's exciting for me!

When were you first introduced to the marketplace/sharing economy?

I joined the intellectual property group at K&L Gates in 2006 when I started working with a few marketplace clients. I was already fascinated with the internet and technology, which is what led me to this practice group. Once I started working with marketplaces, I was hooked! I had a feeling that I was practicing at the beginning of something new and interesting, but I could have never imagined how transformative it would be for me, personally, and the world, generally.

What inspires you from a business point of view?

I am incredibly inspired by creative and passionate founders and operators who leverage technology to reimagine and improve lives. All you need to do is look at your phone to realize just a fraction of the innovations that have come in just the last 10 or so years. For me, getting to work alongside these disruptors motivates me and inspires me to think outside the box.

Don't miss out! Find out how to reserve your spot for MRMC22!

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