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Final Keynote Announced: Vishal Kapoor, Director of Product, Shipt

We are excited to announce the second keynote at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference (SF, May 16-18), Real World ML: Practical Tradeoffs to Manage Marketplace Risk, Trust & Safety, presented by Vishal Kapoor, Director of Product for Shipt. Learn more

Generative AI has made incredible advances in the recent months, which have taken the world by storm. However, most businesses and companies run on a different type of AI called Predictive AI. During his keynote, Vishal will discuss the tradeoffs that a live Predictive ML system makes to manage risk, trust, and safety when disbursing billions of dollars of P&L each year in Shipt's on-demand delivery marketplace.

Vishal is a product leader spanning marketplaces, transportation, advertising, search, messaging, gaming, and retail industries, at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, Lyft, and Shipt. He is an industry speaker and company advisor with a passion for building, launching and scaling next-generation consumer products impacting billions in revenue, opex, and P&L. Vishal is passionate about solving audacious problems through a principled, outcome-oriented, and collaborative approach.

Want to catch Vishal's keynote? Join us at May 18th, 9:00 AM | Room A & B!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 10, 2023

Looking forward to this.

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