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Concerned About the Trust & Safety of your Marketplace? We can help.

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

The sharing economy has the potential to make our lives easier and our communities more affordable. The sector is also ripe for exploitation and a source of risk for both participants and service providers. To ensure that consumers have access to safe, trustworthy services and that service providers are protected, it is important to understand how trust can be built in the sharing economy ecosystem.

Trust & safety are among the most important factors in any peer-to-peer exchange or marketplace. When establishing trust, the focus is on several core building blocks: clear policies outlining what should and shouldn’t be shared; effective procedures for assessing if a service provider and user are trustworthy; reliable systems that monitor risk; and an organizational culture that encourages reporting suspicious activity.

There’s no doubt that this is a complex matter that has enormous implications if you don’t get it right. So why go it alone? The Sharing Economy Global Summit (Oct. 11-13, London) is designed to address your trust & safety concerns by giving you direct access to experts who have already solved the challenges you face.

Here are 5 trust & safety sessions featured at this year’s global summit:

  1. Trust & Safety Best Practices for Online Communities, Polly Applegate, founder of Depop, David Hunter of Crisp

  2. How to Successfully Build Risk & Insurance Into the Decision-Making Process for a Technology Company, Angelica Ronga of DoorDash, Chris Moore of Apollo

  3. Leveraging Data to Enable Proactive Detection: A Case Study with Wonolo, Adam Varro and Stephanie Horowitz of Wonolo

  4. How to Build and Leverage Partnerships to Level Up Your Trust & Safety Program, Brian Davis of Dodgeball, PJ Rohall of SEON

  5. Emerging Threat of Fake Reviews: Top Considerations for Safe Platform Growth, Chris Downie of Pasabi, Dominique Rai-Varming of Trustpilot

Building trust and a solid reputation is essential for survival in the sharing economy. Marketplace Risk is the "go-to" resource for startups in the marketplace, sharing, gig, p2p, on-demand and collaborative economy. As industry leaders, we offer the most comprehensive source for risk management, trust & safety, compliance and legal strategy education, networking and information exchange for startups. Our platform offers conferences and summits, a vibrant and engaged community, virtual programming, podcasts, blogs, risk management consulting and legal services.

To learn more about Marketplace Risk, visit:

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