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2021: What's Ahead for Marketplace Risk

What a Year!?

No crystal ball would have ever predicted what we’ve experienced over the last 10 months – and we wouldn’t recommend buying stocks in crystal balls any time soon! While it is unbelievable how every aspect of our lives has been disrupted, there are some silver linings and reasons to be optimistic. If nothing else, the vaccines that recently have been announced give us great hope. And, while those vaccines won’t be widely available for a while, it gives us a bit more certainty when planning for 2021. With these announcements, we are excited to share what we are working on for 2021, with the acknowledgement that things may change regionally.

First Quarter 2021

Recognizing that we will not be out of the woods, we are planning to host a webinar series featuring founders, operators and experts from the marketplace and sharing economy ecosystem. Building off our successful ‘Everything you need to know about…” Webinar Series where we welcomed over 1,000 attendees over eight weeks, we are planning to deliver more world-class content over 10 consecutive weeks January through March. As before, our industry-leading webinars are targeted to startup founders, executives and operators interested in learning innovative risk management, trust & safety and legal strategy – and they’re always free!

Risk Management Pitfalls and Opportunities with Platform-Enabled Delivery, Sharing Economy Global Summit

Second Quarter 2021

With the promise of at least two vaccines and the implementation of other safety measures, we plan to host two in-person events. Earlier this year, we welcomed nearly 350 sharing economy industry leaders, founders, operators and experts at Lloyds of London for two days of education, networking and information sharing at the Sharing Economy Global Summit. Building off this sold-out event, the 2021 Sharing Economy Global Summit will return to Lloyd’s in London April 21st and 22nd. Following that, in partnership with Sweden’s Platform Economy, Gee will host the inaugural Sharing Economy Nordic Summit in Stockholm May 25th and 26th. This event will feature world leaders, industry experts, founders and operators from throughout the Nordic region. In the event we are unable to hold these events, we will deliver the content virtually through the second Masters Program, which builds off this year’s wildly successful 30-day event that drew over 1,000 participants for 65 sessions from 80 speakers from around the world. And, you can still access all of the content from this year’s Masters Program free here.

Global Trends in the Sharing Economy, Marketplace Risk Management Conference

Third Quarter 2021

With high hopes and great expectations, in September we plan to host the seventh Marketplace Risk Management Conference in San Francisco. This event put Marketplace Risk on the map as the first and only conference focused on risk management, trust & safety and legal strategy for sharing economy and marketplace startups. Each year, hundreds of startup operators and industry experts descend on San Francisco for two days of education, networking and information sharing - and we expect to continue that tradition by picking up where we left off!

Sharing Economy Global Summit Steering Committee Members at the Marketplace Risk Management Conference

We are looking forward to getting back to in-person events in 2021, but we are ready to deliver content virtually if necessary. Regardless of format, we remain focused on delivering world-class content and resources for marketplace and sharing economy startup operators to navigate risk management, trust & safety and legal strategy efficiently and effectively. If you would like more information or would like to get involved, drop us a line at

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