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Our webinars give you the chance to get involved wherever you are in the world –
and take a deep dive into complex marketplace startup subject matter. 


The Marketplace Risk Webinar Series features marketplace startup vendors,
service providers and partners – all there to help marketplaces solve their
most pressing issues. Our webinars begin at 10am PT / 1pm ET and last one
hour (unless otherwise noted). Choose the webinar you’re interested in below
and click ‘Register now’ to either attend or access a recording.

2020 Webinar Series
Marketing Gone Wild: Litigation and Regulatory Trends, Albert Giang, Boies Schiller Flexner (1/22/20)
ADA Compliance: Web and Mobile App Accessibility, Kristina Launey, Seyfarth (1/29/20)
The Three Top Risk Management Considerations for Marketplaces, Jeremy Gottschalk, Marketplace Risk (2/5/20)
Risk Management Evolution of the Sharing Economy, Aon (2/12/20)
The Future of Clickwrap: Litigation Trends and Digital Transformation, Brian Powers, PactSafe (2/19/20)
Global Scaling of Your Trust & Safety Program: A Best Practices Roadmap, Marco Piovesan, InfoMart (2/26/20)
The Role of Insurance and Risk Management in Sustaining Start-ups and Growth Companies, Joe Hurley, Fredrik Motzfeldt and Karl Sawyer, Willis Towers Watson (3/4/20)
Globalizing Your Screening Program – Lessons from the Front Line, Sterling (3/11/20)
Navigating The Synthetic Identity Attack Landscape, Nathan Rowe, Evident 3/18/20
Merchant & Sub-Merchant Verification on Marketplace Platforms, Ramcha Angarai, Ekata (3/25/20)
Five Must-Have Requirements for Marketplace Partner Payments, Rob Israch, Tipalti (4/1/20)

Creating Trust at the Intersection of Digital and Physical Interactions
, Cory Louie, Checkr (4/8/20)
Reducing Workforce Risk: The Future of Continuous Criminal Monitoring, Paul Disney and Krisy Bucher, Appriss (4/15/20)
Document Verification and Facial Biometrics, Onfido (4/22/20)
A Spectrum of Risk – An In-Depth Look at the Current and Future States of Background Screening and Why Second Chances are Important, Dave Dickson and Bon Idziak, Accurate (4/29/20)

Marketing is a necessary part of any platform’s growth strategy, but carries major litigation and regulatory risks. When advertising goes wrong, it can trigger incredibly expensive lawsuits from plaintiffs, regulators, and even competitors—over false advertising, unfair competition, and robo-calling and SMS. And these lawsuit are often caused by third party marketers and social media influencers, who are hard to control. Join Albert Giang, a litigation partner who counsels and defends some of the most-respected platforms, to learn about:

  • Current trends involving advertising and rogue marketers; and 

  • Consumer protection issues like the TCPA and the FTC.

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There is no denying the positive impact the internet has had on companies, as well as customers with disabilities. The opportunities that result from the world wide web, however, come with significant legal risk. Enterprising plaintiffs’ attorneys often capitalize on the legal void caused by statutes and regulations that have not kept pace with changing technologies, catching companies who are largely unaware of—or unable to keep up with—changing technology or law. Join Kristina Launey, ADA Title III specialist, who will share what it means to have an accessible website and mobile application. The webinar will provide legal background, tips, and strategies to help businesses spot (and manage!) the risks they face in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act; as well as other applicable laws, accessibility requirements (or lack thereof) for websites, mobile apps, and additional technologies.

Seyfarth Webinar LinkedIn.png

There is a lot to consider when assessing risk for marketplace startups. And, in turn, there is even more to consider when managing those risks. But where do you start? The good news is that there are some sure ways to mitigate risks to almost nothing. In this webinar, Jeremy Gottschalk, founder of the Marketplace Risk platform, will explore his top three recommendations when tackling risk mitigation for marketplaces. These three considerations are sure to keep marketplaces out of hot water and avoid unnecessary litigation and exposure. 

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To be successful, marketplace companies must scale quickly and globally. Quick growth in this market reaps several benefits for your company: first mover advantage, consumer demand, and acquisition opportunity. Facing data privacy, regulatory, and cultural norm challenges, this discussion deploys global screening and risk mitigation expertise to recommend effective Trust & Safety programs for a global paradigm—where services and workers are mobile.

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Building an effective approach to risk management and insurance is important in fast-growing companies and critical to ensure that growth is sustained/not interrupted. Ensuring that fundamentals are in place with a clear plan and timeline will ensure that you are always on top of the risk landscape and resulting insurance requirements. 

Sterling Webinar LinkedIn.png

There is no global background screening market. Each country—and sometimes municipality—has its own data, regulations, and quirks. Learn from Sterling’s Steve Smith and David Bloom, who spend a lot of their time helping clients design and scale screening programs that cross borders.

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2019 Webinar Series
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Join CA Senator Dean Florez (ret.), Nathan Garnett, General Counsel, OfferUp, and Bryan Jamele, Sr Director of Government Affairs, to learn how your organization can engage in the efforts around improving AB5 through government affairs and lobbying activities. This webinar will cover:

•Basics of government affairs 

•Business considerations and market strategies

•How to engage and influence legislators and government agencies/officials

•The strategy for improving AB5 for the benefit of marketplaces, workers and consumers in the upcoming legislative session

In today’s world, businesses are continuously searching for strategies to obtain top talent while improving the diversity of their workforces in an increasingly competitive environment, especially in the gig economy.  Faced with this reality, companies are using inclusive strategies and leveraging the power of data to position themselves as a company of choice. Join us for a candid discussion on best practices for walking the line between implementing and enhancing a robust diversity and inclusion program using data and analytical tools while navigating the legal framework facing companies.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Legal Implications of D&I Programs

  • Tracking and Targeting: Establishing baselines that are aligned with specific D&I initiatives

  • Transparency: Balancing the benefits and risks of transparency in D&I programs

  • Technology: Leveraging artificial intelligence in the D&I context


Consumers are hungry for on-demand services, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and one-tap checkout. But companies that adopt these business models face unique risks across content, payments & account protection. The last year has pushed the fundamental question of content integrity to the forefront: how can I trust what I am reading or seeing? Spend time with two Trust and Safety veterans to prepare you and your company for the realities of ensuring the integrity of content now and into the future.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How communities and marketplaces are affected by breaches of user trust

  • How companies like Facebook attempt to moderate content and balance user trust

  • Best practices on how to build content moderation teams, policies and procedures

In this webinar, you will learn how to assess and manage risk related to:

  • Sanctions at corporations and non-bank financial institutions

  • Adverse media associated with your third-parties relationships

  • Third-party Risk Management, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and Supply Chain

  • Best practices expected by regulators and bank partners


Accurate Background’s Chief Compliance Officer, Bon Idziak, discusses the biggest pitfalls for marketplace companies in staying compliant with regional and special jurisdiction laws. The overview will include a look at how these laws apply across permissible purpose types and examples of recent requirements. Bon will also give a sneak-peek at data generated by Accurate Background around the effectiveness of background checks based on trends across Marketplaces.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Deep dive on permissible purpose examples

  • Applying special jurisdiction compliance to your workforce

  • Additional requirement considerations

Could you prove that a customer explicitly agreed to your Terms of Service? Could you recognize what versions of your agreements have been signed, when they were signed, or what type of notice your customers received prior? If not, you're in danger of being "lawyer hacked." In this webinar, PactSafe CEO Brian Powers and Marketplace Risk CEO Jeremy Gottschalk will discuss risk management for online marketplaces and how a clickwrap TOS agreement is your first line of defense against lawyers picking apart company terms, consumer lawsuits, and the multimillion dollar lawsuits.


With the recent addition of real-time data sources available to the sharing economy, companies who aren’t leveraging this new information are exposing themselves to more risk, eroding user trust, and leaving them behind. Learn from our Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Shannon Holsberry, on how to challenge your hiring practices to ensure you’re achieving true safety for your users, while removing bias and rethinking your criteria.


In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Continuous background checks

  • The power of ratings and reviews

  • Importance of individualized assessment

Death, taxes, and lawsuits:  Any startup hoping to scale will face litigation risk.  And the more successful the marketplace, the more scrutiny you will face from consumers and regulators.  In response, sophisticated companies often rely on a basic toolkit to protect themselves - e.g., posting warnings, disclaimers, and defenses in their Terms of Service.  Companies at all stages of growth need to think ahead about these risks and line up protection early.  Join our webinar led by one of the leading litigators for the sharing economy, who has been at the frontlines defending some of the most respected and cutting-edge marketplaces in the industry.



  • Terms of Use Agreement Enforcement

  • Click wraps & Consent

  • Arbitration Clauses & Class Action Waivers

  • Other Current Litigation Trends

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the most comprehensive Privacy and Data Security Law in the United States.  It will create sweeping new rights for California and is quickly setting the stage for data management in the US. Learn how this new law will impact you!



  • Background on the new CCPA law

  • New Consumer Rights for California Residents

  • New Business Obligations

  • Data Management Strategy - Data  as a Pre-tangible Asset

Today’s consumers enjoy a world of convenience thanks to gig platforms and contract workers, but with that convenience comes an increase in fraud and distrust that can be detrimental to a company’s success.  


In this webinar, we’ll discuss why it’s especially important for sharing economy platforms to use identity and credential verification as part of their background checking process, and how automation can save time, money, resources, and frustration, while minimizing risk and liability for everyone.


Key Takeaways:

  • The basic principles of identity proofing and how marketplace businesses should use it

  • How sharing economy platforms can build trust, inspire confidence, prevent fraud, and differentiate themselves with identity and credential verification

  • The importance of good user experience, and striking the right balance to reduce attrition, friction, and fraud


Join Lauren Musial, Project Manager, Risk Operations, Etsy, and Sarah Hermanns, Head of Marketplace Practice, Whitepages Pro, for a webinar that explores how marketplaces can simultaneously combat fraud while creating a positive customer experience for both buyers and sellers. Topics include:


  • How marketplace growth affects priorities in the balance of onboarding sellers;

  • Building loyalty with buyers and fighting fraud; 

  • Unique challenges Etsy has faced as a marketplace; and

  • Advice for early stage marketplaces.

The rise in marketplaces presents many risks and potential exposure for businesses, consumers, vendors, and the marketplace, itself. But if peer-to-peer transactions are becoming increasingly frictionless, why shouldn’t resolving disputes become frictionless for consumers, too? And, can easy-to-use online dispute resolution (ODR) protect or regain consumer trust - even when something went wrong? On this webinar, we’ll be analyzing how shifting consumer trends in marketplaces opened the door for ODR and how ODR methods can continue protecting consumer trust. Topics include: Consumer Trends; Trends in Marketplace Dispute; ADR & ODR; Stats and findings; Mitigating Risk with Online Dispute Resolution; and What ODR/ADR Looks Like.

Building trust at the point of account opening is imperative to today’s businesses. Customers insist their digital platform be safe and secure, causing vendors to realize the importance of investing in the technology that will keep their digital process both protected and easy to use. In fact:

  • 85% of consumers are more likely to interact with websites that verify the identity of all users

  • 66% say: “I like all the security protocols when I interact online because it makes me feel protected.”

  • 67% prefer doing business with a website that guarantees that a person is whom they claim to be

Join Mitek’s identity enthusiasts, Cindy White and Steve Craig, to hear more about how ID document proofing is the new normal and how friction can actually be your friend.

The explosion of internet-based child abuse imagery online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) has given rise to a new type of offender, and a new risk to the gig economy. Traditional screening tools are no longer enough. For more than a decade, Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) has been providing leading-edge technology to law enforcement, helping to identify and apprehend those who prey on children. Today's marketplaces require a similar proactive approach for protecting their most vulnerable clientele. See how CRC technology is helping marketplaces deny access to bad actors, reduce the risk of litigation, and protect their customers' trust and safety. Key discussion points include: (1) law enforcement response to child pornography; (2) ever-increasing risk for marketplace platforms; (3) application of CRC data to enhance trust & safety.

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