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Keeping Pace with Evolving Platform Regulations and Compliance

The 2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit is just around the corner. With a lineup of industry leaders and experts, this year's Global Summit promises to provide valuable insights into various aspects of marketplace risk, including the rapidly-evolving industry regulations and compliance.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, it's crucial for marketplace operators and stakeholders to stay ahead of regulatory obligations and compliance requirements. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the intriguing sessions:

Fake Reviews & Transparency: UK, US & EU Regulatory Obligations

- Curtis Boyd, Founder, The Transparency Company

- Chris Downie, CEO & Co-Founder, Pasabi

- Agne Kaarlep, Global Head of Policy and Advisory, Tremau

- Ylwa Rein, Global Public Policy Strategy & Advocacy Manager, Wolt

Content Moderation: Ensuring Transparency and Compliance

- Louis-Victor de Franssu, CEO, Tremau

- Simon Ellington, Co-Founder, Ko-fi

- Elisa Morillo, Policy Specilist, Wallapop

- Jean-Sébastien Mariez, Founding Partner, Momentum Avocats

Online Safety Risk Assessments in Practice: Regulatory Expectations and Industry Approaches

- Theos Evgeniou, Chief Innovation Officer, Tremau

- Silvia Fukuoka, Risk Policy Principal, Online Safety, Ofcom

- Domonique Rai-Varming, Director of Policy & Disputes, Trustpilot

- Hannah Shimko, CEO, Online Dating Association

Global Marketplace Taxation Obligations and Tax Fraud Prevention

- Alexander Kobakhidze, Director of Tax Technology, Fonoa Technologies Inc.

- Florian Jensen, Scalapay

PSD2 Regulations: What Does it Mean to Marketplaces and How Can You Protect Yourself?

- Sadra Hosseini, CEO, Ryft

- Chloe Smith, CEO, Tuft

Major Forces Shaping the Trust & Safety Industry

- Jan Eissfeldt, Director, Global Head of Trust & Safety, Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

- Tad Mielnicki, Co-Founder, Overwatch Data

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The 2023 Marketplace Risk Global Summit promises to be a game-changer for marketplace and digital platform founders, leaders and experts looking to unlock a world of knowledge, strategies, and solutions for effective risk management and trust & safety. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn valuable insights, network with peers, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving marketplace and digital platform ecosystem.

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