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Join our Boot Camp for Marketplace Startups!

Marketplace startups, do you feel like you need to get up to speed on risk management, trust & safety and legal strategy?

Our Boot Camp was developed by leading marketplace lawyers and risk management experts with experience in all aspects of marketplace development and operations. Designed to get you up to speed quickly, you’ll attend eight 30-minute sessions full of practical and useful subject matter - no boring theory or useless information. The sessions are designed to provide valuable insights into avoiding unnecessary risks, so you can focus on growth with no distractions.

Join us as we share best practices for cross-functional teams to learn how to identify, predict, prevent and respond to the risks that threaten marketplaces - including customer incidents, insurance claims and litigation that adversely impact growth and success.

The Boot Camp is available to marketplace startups only and is suitable for your entire team, from executives, to trust and safety, to product development and marketing. After all, risk management is not a siloed exercise - every member of your organization plays a role.

By the end of our Marketplace Risk Boot Camp, your team will be equipped with the necessary tools and resources to effectively identify and mitigate risks. You will also be ‘in the know’ about the current legal and regulatory landscape with industry trends and best practices structured among several functional areas, including:

  • Executive Considerations;

  • Business Model & Product Design;

  • Technology Tools, Resources & Recommendations; and

  • Incident Response, Claims Handling & Litigation Management.

“Our Marketplace Risk Boot Camp is returning for its 2nd year and we can’t wait to help more marketplaces successfully navigate and mitigate risk. This half day workshop has been designed to help marketplaces cut through the noise and understand how to best manage risk. No boring theory, just real world best practices that will help you to better respond to risks that threaten marketplaces.” - Jeremy Gottschalk, Founder, Marketplace Risk

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