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Marketplace Risk Community Guidelines


The Marketplace Risk community is comprised of thousands of marketplace and sharing economy startup founders, operators, industry leaders and professionals from around the world who are interested in learning, networking and sharing information about risk management, trust & safety, compliance & regulatory and legal strategy. The community evolved over the last decade through in-person conferences, summits and meetups, as well as virtual events, Slack Forum and a myriad of other channels and touchpoints. The goal of the community is to offer a collaborative space for members to seek advice, discuss best practices, share experiences, and help each other build, manage, and scale their startups.

Who's in the Community?

Marketplace Risk community members have a shared interest in marketplace and sharing economy startups. From investors, founders and operators, to industry leaders, experts, academics and government officials, this is a space dedicated to learning, networking and sharing information.


All Marketplace Risk community members agree to the following guidelines. And, you do too!

1. Context and Relevance

All posts, comments, messages and information, including links and articles, (“content”) should relate to the marketplace and sharing economy startup community. Further, all content shared in groups and with other members should be contextually appropriate - do not share content without proper context to the group and/or conversation. If you are in doubt, please reach out to

2. Find the Relevant Group

We have created topic-specific groups to better organize discussions and threads about specific topics. For example, all job opportunities should be posted in the Job Opportunities group. All events, including in-person and virtual, should be posted in the Events group. Before you post, find the right group.

3. Give More Than You Take

What makes this community amazing is that members are focused on helping each other more than helping themselves. So, contribute as much as you can and be as helpful as possible and members will be sure to return the favor when you have a question or need something.

4. No Hate Speech or Bullying

Be respectful so everyone feels safe in the community. You may disagree and challenge ideas but do it with respect. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, including degrading comments and personal attacks. This is not a forum to discuss politics, religion, or other topics or issues unrelated to the marketplace and sharing economy startup community.

5. No Marketing, Promotion or Advertising of Products and Services

You may not market, promote or advertise products or services to other members in groups or direct messages unless it is relevant to the context of the group and/or conversation. Please keep in mind, we have created a group for vendors, solutions providers, service providers and consultants to showcase and share their products and services in the “Vendors / Solution Providers” group.

6. Violations and Removal

Violation of the Community Guidelines or Terms and Conditions may result in your removal from the community, and you will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. We encourage members to report any such activity immediately to

How to get involved

Introduce Yourself and Welcome New Members!

When you join, be sure to head over to the Introduce Yourself group and provide some basic information so others get to know you, including:

  • Your name and location

  • Company and title

  • What you're looking to get out of the group

  • How you can contribute to the group

  • Something interesting about you

It’s important to turn on notifications so that you can welcome others. When someone introduces themselves, please welcome them with your favorite emoji reactions and a quick "welcome to the community" message! This is how you will see who is joining the community and learn more about them.

Start Organic Conversations

Got a question? Confronting a problem? Need help with something? The community is here to help! We have some of the most experienced founders, operators and industry leaders in the world who are interested in sharing their knowledge. So, don’t be shy!

Pro Tips (just in case you're nervous)

  1. One of the best ways to help drive engagement is to tag in other folks who might be able to help or share links to existing resources! "A genius doesn't know all the answers... A genius knows where to find all the answers" - Beth's Dad

  2. If you don't know what to say, ask a question! "What is your biggest challenge right now?" "What is coming up in your community that you are most excited about?" "What have you done in your company in 2022 that you are the proudest of?"

Welcome to the Marketplace Risk community. We are looking forward to helping each other build, manage, and scale their startups!

Max Pinnau

Director of Operations and Community

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