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Legal Compliance and the Sharing Economy: What Your Startup Needs to Know

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The sharing economy is a booming industry that has grown in popularity due to the ease and convenience it offers consumers. Vehicles such as Uber and Lyft, as well as home-sharing services like Airbnb, let consumers to rent and share their own vehicles or homes at a time and place convenient for them, allowing them to explore local businesses and communities.

The sharing economy is not limited to transportation and lodging, though. Technology and software startups are increasingly providing peer-to-peer services, including ridesharing, online shopping, and even home-office services. These companies operate in a legal gray area, offering services that may not be explicitly regulated by law. Many peer-to-peer companies in the sharing economy are now operating in a more compliant manner by incorporating as a corporation or forming partnerships with existing corporations. However, the sharing economy is still in a state of flux, with many new types of sharing economy companies emerging and existing companies adapting their models to stay relevant.

With so much uncertainty comes a lack of standardized laws and regulations specifically addressing how companies can operate within this sector. These unique circumstances require business owners operating in the sharing economy to be aware of the essential risk management steps they need to take to avoid potential liability and regulatory consequences.

The Global Sharing Economy Summit seeks to close this gap not only by bringing together experts driving the industry, including marketplace industry groups, startups, and government officials, but also by connecting newly minted sharing economy founders and operators with established experts who have already built a roadmap for success. To address the need for startups in this space to make smart moves and remain on a productive path to growth, we've curated five legal and regulatory compliance sessions from the global summit that will certainly put your start-up on a path to success.

Here are 5 legal and regulatory compliance sessions featured at this year’s global summit:

  1. Platform Regulation: It Isn't Just About Personal Data Anymore, John Tomaszewski of Seyfarth Shaw LLP

  2. Navigating Changing Global Tax Regulation and Compliance for Marketplaces, Alex Baulf of Avalara

  3. Fair and Transparent: How the Digital Services Act Affects Your Marketplace, Daniel Patterson of Trulioo

  4. Risk Mitigation for Online Marketplaces in a Mobile-First World, Sandra Grodensky of ActiveFence

  5. GDPR and AI: The Intersection Between Regulating Privacy and Regulating Innovation, John Tomaszewski, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

This year’s Global Sharing Economy Summit is jam-packed with learning and networking opportunities, including more than fifty sessions from which to choose. From the world’s best sharing economy, legal and regulatory attorneys and experts sharing insights and ideas, to government officials and regulators helping brand new marketplaces get off the ground and establish compliance practices, there is something for everyone at the global summit.

To learn more about the global summit, visit:

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