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Winning The Battle Against Marketplace Account Fraud: DAT's Success Story

February 28, 2024

Company & Presenters:

- Calvin Locklear, Enterprise Solutions Product Manager, DAT Freight & Analytics
- Steve Shoaff, CEO and Co-founder, Verosint

B2B and B2C marketplaces are under attack from different types of account fraud, including Account Takeover (ATO), account opening fraud, and many variations of fraudulent account scams, impersonations, transactions and collusions.

The freight and logistics industry has been particularly hard hit with account fraud attacks targeting online marketplaces for shippers, carrier, brokers and others participants. As the leader in this industry, DAT Freight & Analytics wanted a real-time fraud detection and prevention solution to not only stop fraud but improve customer satisfaction and their operating efficiencies.

Join this webinar with DAT and Verosint to learn how DAT outsmarted persistent fraudsters using best practice applicable to any digital marketplace:
- How real-time fraud prevention saved 25,000 labor hrs in the first 90 days
- Implementation of the Verosint solution in just 1.5 days
- Nearly immediate reduction in reported fraud across all channels by 65%
- Very high fraud detection accuracy with virtually zero false positives
- Streamlined case investigations with AI-driven behavioral analytics
- How real-time fraud detection created positive ripple effects of efficiency and collaboration across the business

Winning The Battle Against Marketplace Account Fraud: DAT's Success Story

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