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New Ways to Keep Communities Safe: Innovative Uses of Criminal Data

October 18, 2023

Company & Presenters:

- Justin Bullock, VP of Sales at Envoy
- Chelsea Hower, Director of Trust and Safety, Sittercity
- Morgan Chaney, Head of Marketing at Tessera Data, a Checkr company (Moderator)
- Gilad Horev, VP of Product at Tessera Data, a Checkr company

Trust & Safety professionals agree that it’s becoming more challenging than ever to proactively control the safety of your communities. Generative AI and other tactics are just some of the ways that bad actors are impacting your platform. And no matter how tightly you plan your processes and policies, we continue to live in a reactive world.

Opportunity exists through access to new & innovative criminal data sources (from continuous sex offender registry data and automated records to non-FCRA regulated safety screenings) to increase the level of awareness you have about every member of your community. Screening not just the workers or service providers, but the consumers and users on the other side of the marketplace.

In this virtual event, we’re bringing together a panel of Trust & Safety innovators from Checkr, Sittercity and Envoy who are using criminal data sources to increase confidence in who is welcomed on their platforms and in how they adjudicate when malicious activity occurs. They’ll speak to the challenges they faced, the solutions they’ve implemented, and how their efforts are making an impact.

New Ways to Keep Communities Safe: Innovative Uses of Criminal Data

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