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Garient Evans


SVP of Product

San Diego, CA

About me:

Garient Evans has amassed nearly 15 years of experience in constructing, marketing, and supporting digital identity verification solutions. With a comprehensive understanding of the consumer lifecycle and associated use cases, Garient is well-versed in the array of solutions employed to address verification and fraud challenges. Additionally, he possesses in-depth knowledge of regulations and is familiar with the value propositions presented by both established and disruptive vendors in the field.

Currently at the helm of Enformion, his fifth startup in high-growth mode, Garient has been instrumental in establishing go-to-market strategies from the ground up. His contributions span across various domains, including the development of sales, marketing, implementations, and account management functions. Leveraging his expertise, Garient is adept at assisting companies in their growth journey, facilitating scalability, and guiding them towards successful liquidity events.

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