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Tint.png offers an AI-powered insurance platform that helps marketplaces reduce insurance costs while improving customer experience. Our API-based technology provides the infrastructure and AI models required to launch, manage, and optimize any P&C insurance program. It's production-ready and saves months of engineering and data science resources involved in building real-time risk selection and pricing software required in modern insurance products.

This session on risk management helps marketplaces learn how to use AI to identify and stop risky transactions so they reduce losses by 25%+ while maximizing growth.


The current market environment requires marketplaces to be extremely efficient, reducing costs while finding new revenue streams to stay afloat. Insurance, one of the most important parts of their business models, is one of the main levers that can be used to provide mission-critical cash flow. In this talk, the co-founder of and the founder of Riders Share will discuss how marketplaces can reduce the cost of their insurance policies with a better risk segmentation and how they can sell innovative insurance products as add-ons to increase margins while delighting their customers.



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