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Yaron Zurr is a co-founder and CCO at CONNECTED Insurance. Yaron has 20 years of influential and disruptive leadership in different industries (High Tech and Financial Service). Yaron ran the UBS Wealth Management and Investment Banking operations in Israel as Group Chief Operating Officer. In his role, Yaron also planned the UBS Innovation Hub in Israel, leveraging on the growing Israeli Fintech and digital eco-systems. Before joining UBS, Yaron spent over 15 years in the technology space, living in the US and Israel. He led hi-tech growth ventures, strategic initiatives and go-to-market execution for startup companies, sharing success with 3 startup acquisitions.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 3:20:00 PM UTC

Amy Barcroft, Chris Moore, Nick O'Sullivan, Yaron Zurr

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Digital Platforms & AI Technology Are Transforming The Insurance Industry: Here's How

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Yaron Zurr | Co-Founder & CCO, CONNECTED Insurance

Nick O'Sullivan | Head of Operator Success, Joyride

Amy Barcroft | Deputy General Counsel, Lime

Chris Moore | Head of ibott, Apollo ibott

In a world where there is a massive amount of newly produced data, yet, relatively not enough claims and exposure data, the standard risk models don't work properly. Sophisticated technology and machine learning models are required in order to identify and predict subtle patterns of risk exposures and helps digital platforms to improve their bottom line. During this session, you will larn how digital platforms and AI technology are transforming the insurance industry - especially where there is a lack of data.