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Steve Warner is the Vice President of Business Development for Chargebacks911 in Europe; he has over 30 years experience in the payments industry. Steve's career started in card issuing in Nat West Bank. He then "took a leap of faith" into card acquiring and joined Streamline/Worldpay, where he held sales and client relationship management roles focused on the UK's largest retailers and European sales for Bibit (the Royal Bank of Scotland in-house PSP business). Steve then led First Data's involvement in the Cardnet Merchant Services business, which is a joint venture with Lloyds Banking Group. Prior to joining Chargebacks911, Steve was the Head of Sales and Relationship Management at PAY-ON.


Thursday, October 13, 2022, 2:40:00 PM UTC

Marc Conway, PJ Rohall, Steve Warner

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Transactional Transformation: Eliminating Payment Threats in a Post-COVID Marketplace

Room 2


Marc Conway | Founder, 7 Seas Consultants

PJ Rohall | Head of Fraud Strategy & Education, SEON

Steve Warner | VP of Business Development, Chargebacks911

Cyber-shoplifting rates are spiking. Supply-line breakdowns have led to an unprecedented wave of consumer complaints and credit card chargebacks. The problem is currently costing the online marketplace over $150 billion annually -- and the problem is growing. In this seminar, we will teach you how to avoid cyber-theft, increase security & build better consumer relationships.