VP of Mobile Trust and Safety

About me:

Sandra Grodensky is the VP of Mobile, Trust and Safety at ActiveFence, where she leads the company’s services and solutions for the mobile ecosystem. Sandra brings with her expertise in mobile-related malware, ad fraud, impersonation, the illegal collection of Personal Identifiable Information, and emerging trends to mobile app platforms.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 1:20:00 PM UTC

Sandra Grodensky

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Risk Mitigation for Online Marketplaces in a Mobile-First World

Room 3


Sandra Grodensky | VP of Mobile Trust and Safety, ActiveFence

In a mobile-first world, why is risk mitigation still web-first? Mobile apps provide threat actors an ideal environment, where user trust can be leveraged to gain access to devices & information - risking platforms and users alike. In this session, Sandra Grodensky will provide examples of how threat actors abuse mobile marketplace apps, proving why a mobile-first approach to risk mitigation is key. And, she'll give you the tools to do it!