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Head of Digital

About me:

Rick is the Head of Digital at Tipalti, responsible for building and growing its UK team & digital platforms business. He has a background in management consulting, tax & financial technology and has partnered with businesses of all sizes to fix business critical issues. Prior to joining Tipalti, Rick has run GTM teams internationally and most recently built & ran Avalara’s Marketplace business across EMEA.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 12:40:00 PM UTC

Rick Verma

*Note: The time shown may reflect your local time zone. Check the agenda for the correct time. 

Why Building a Best-In-Class Partner Payment Experience Matters

Room 2


Rick Verma | Head of Digital, Tipalti

Today’s digital market has never been hotter. Not only are new companies entering into existing spaces, but rather, existing companies are expanding their offerings, which means that competition is increasing - making it harder to attract/retain new partners. Businesses relying on a digital-first or sharing economy model, must prioritise the satisfaction of their partners. Partners are in the driver’s seat and platforms must build a best-in-class partner experience to succeed. Payouts are one of the most important touch points you have with your partners. Your success may hinge on your ability to pay partners on time, every time. To remain relevant in an ever-increasing competitive landscape, It’s not good enough to just deliver on-time and accurate global payments but digital companies must also deliver a best-in-class partner experience while creating a partner payments function that scales rapidly and efficiently.

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