About me:

Eamonn is the CEO/Founder of KnowCarbon, who specialize in helping businesses and individuals reduce their carbon impact. Prior to founding KnowCarbon Eamonn had executive roles at eBay and General Electric. Eamonn brings a passion for reducing carbon emissions combined with deep experience of using data and digital tools.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022, 2:00:00 PM UTC

Eamonn Galvin

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Can the Sharing Economy Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Room 2


Eamonn Galvin | CEO & Founder, KnowCarbon

The challenge to reduce our carbon emissions is immense. But will the sharing economy make a difference? In this data-driven talk, Eamonn separates fact from fiction. Which sharing economy sectors can reduce emissions by more than 50%? Based on analysis of leading sharing economy businesses and sectors he identifies the carbon winners. As ever there is also dark side and sharing businesses that will actually increase emissions. Join this hard hitting talk to understand where your sharing economy business sits on the carbon spectrum. Ideal for CEO's, Founders, Investors and customers of sharing economy businesses on how to benefit from carbon disruption.