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Crisp, a Kroll business

Vice President

About me:

David Hunter is a Vice President at Crisp. He advises corporate and trust & safety leaders on risk intelligence solutions to defend against reputational damage, security threats and online harms. He is a leading expert in OSINT, social media and bad actor tradecraft. David is also a passionate advocate for keeping kids safe online, speaking globally at events on innovations in safety tech. He proudly represents Crisp as an active member of INHOPE and WeProtect Global Alliance.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 2:00:00 PM UTC

David Hunter, Polly Applegate

*Note: The time shown may reflect your local time zone. Check the agenda for the correct time. 

Trust & Safety Best Practices for Online Communities

Room 3


David Hunter | Vice President, Crisp, a Kroll business

Polly Applegate | Advisor 

Healthy online communities play a vital role in building brand trust and accelerating e-commerce. Unfortunately, harmful content can have the opposite effect. Consumers are taking notice. During this session, the experts will share new research from Crisp, now a Kroll business, on how this impacts brand reputation and sales, and how to improve trust & safety policies to discover issues early, mitigate the risk and protect brand reputation.

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