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Good Life Sorted

Co-Founder & CEO

About me:

Constantine is a marketplace expert. He is the founder and CEO of Good Life Sorted, a high-growth, innovative start-up in the sharing economy connecting elderly people and their families with local, vetted helpers. Good Life Sorted received the Great British Entrepreneur Award for Disruptor of the Year 2021. Before founding Good Life Sorted, he worked for big marketplaces like Amazon and Rakuten, but also start-ups like


Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 12:40:00 PM UTC

Constantine Karampatsos, Elizabeth Gaudin, Lieke van Kerkhoven

*Note: The time shown may reflect your local time zone. Check the agenda for the correct time. 

Risks and Rewards: The Potential for the Sharing Model in Healthcare

Room 1


Constantine Karampatsos | Co-Founder & CEO, Good Life Sorted

Lieke van Kerkhoven | Co-Founder & Director, FLOOW2

Elizabeth Gaudin | Co-Founder & COO, CareRooms

The sharing economy has disrupted many sectors, but some have been more resistant to this innovation than others, in spite of the benefits. Healthcare is one of these sectors – but now, in a time of recession, and following the health crisis of the pandemic, sharing models are gaining ground, in social care as well as B2B sharing between healthcare organisations. So what are the risks and rewards of sharing in this space? And what is the potential for new sharing platforms to disrupt an overstretched sector? Join Lieke van Kerkhoven, co-founder of FLOOW2, the leading B2B sharing marketplace company which specialises in healthcare, Constantine Karampatsos, co-founder and CEO of home help platform Good Life Sorted, and Elizabeth Gaudin of CareRooms, the ‘Airbnb for care’, for an absorbing panel about healthcare and the sharing economy.

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