Head of Trust & Safety

About me:

Brian's previous career was building fraud and trust and safety programs at a few different companies (digital subscription, marketplaces, and a fintech). Currently, he helps empower other fraud fighters to help build trust to fit their unique needs with simplicity and ease.


Thursday, October 13, 2022, 12:40:00 PM UTC

Brian Davis, PJ Rohall

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How to Build and Leverage Partnerships to Level Up Your Trust & Safety Program

Room 3


PJ Rohall | Head of Fraud Strategy & Education, SEON

Brian Davis | Head of Trust & Safety, Dodgeball

Trust and safety teams extend far beyond the walls of their own department. Effectively managing internal and external partnerships is essential to building a top-notch trust & safety team. This includes internal partners like customer service and product management, and external partners like data and technology companies. Join this session as they dive into who these partners are, why they are important to manage effectively and some practical advice to steer these partnerships in the right direction.