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Risk Program Manager

About me:

Angelica has been with DoorDash since 2021 and has been instrumental in the integration of risk management during her tenure. Her experience as both an all-lines broker and cyber/technology underwriter guides her vision for what risk management looks like for an evolving platform technology company. She is also the Finance Lead and Boardmember for the Women's ERG at DoorDash.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 10:40:00 AM UTC

Angelica Ronga, Chris Moore, Matthew Rout, Zach Pilalis

*Note: The time shown may reflect your local time zone. Check the agenda for the correct time. 

Marketplace Insurance Solutions: The Dynamic Relationships Between a Broker, Underwriter, and Actuary With Their Client

Room 2


Chris Moore | Head of ibott, Apollo ibott

Matthew Rout | Head of Ibott Pricing, Apollo ibott

Angelica Ronga |  Risk Program Manager, DoorDash

Zach Pilalis | Senior Vice President, Marsh

If you're running an online marketplace startup, you don't want to miss this introductory insurance session at the Sharing Economy Global Summit (October 11-13, London). Our expert panel, including Chris Moore and Matthew Rout of Ibott, Angelica Ronga of Doordash and Zach Palalis of Marsh, will discuss how insurance is best designed to mitigate marketplace risk. This session will outline the different functions involved, including client representative, broker, compliance officer, insurer, data scientist and underwriter, and their importance in creating fit for purpose insurance solutions.

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