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Aleksandar is a serial tech entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience and has built 5 marketplaces since 2000. As a co-founding CTO, built and scaled his first startup (, fintech, acquired by Qonto). Currently a co-founder and CEO at, a digital platform enabling tech startup from Berlin. Aleksandar has spoken at numerous conferences and meet-ups.


Thursday, October 13, 2022, 12:00:00 PM UTC

Aleksandar Orlić, Filip Perišić

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From Craigslist to Regulated B2B Digital Platforms: Evolution and the Future

Room 2


Aleksandar Orlić | Co-Founder & CEO, randevu

Filip Perišić | Co-Founder & CTO, randevu

According to McKinsey, up to 30% of the global economy will adopt a digital platform business model in over the next five-to-six years. In addition, the way companies and governments are organised will be fundamentally changed by these new activities and practices. During this session, the presenters will explore these topics by examining different generations of marketplaces and platforms and outlining technology challenges and needs behind the digital platforms of tomorrow.