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Our Slack Forum features dozens of channels organized by topic where hundreds of startup founders, operators and industry partners connect throughout the world.
Slack Rules

Welcome to the Marketplace Risk Slack Channels. We created this forum to connect the web and mobile marketplace technology industry from across the country. We want this forum to be beneficial for everyone involved. To that end, we've got a few rules that we expect everyone to abide by:

  • Messages and members should contribute to the mission of Marketplace Risk and be relevant to the specific channel. Messages or members not contributing to the mission of Marketplace Risk or not relevant to the specific channel may be removed.


  • Please be courteous, respectful and professional. And, respect the opinions of others. Conduct should reflect common sense, basic social etiquette. Rude, disrespectful or unprofessional conduct won’t be tolerated.

  • Marketplace Risk Slack Channels may not be used for spam, advertisements, marketing or promotions. You may provide information about products and services that solve specific questions or identified problems and that are relevant to the specific channel. 

  • For personal safety reasons, please limit the amount of personal information that you share, and keep communications on the Marketplace Risk Slack Channels.


  • Please reach out to report any conduct that is inconsistent with these guidelines.

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