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Sittercity is reinventing the category we created, with technology that radically simplifies the way families and sitters connect. That means smarter matching on skills and schedules, tools and information that make evaluating your short list a breeze, and the game-changing convenience of instant book and pay. We believe our work will make a fundamental part of everyday life easier — and will give our customers the freedom to do more of what makes them happy.

Leadership lessons from the first few innings of COVID-19. This live session will examine what leaders can do during a crisis to protect their teams, help their customers and come out stronger as a company.  It is filled with practical tips to help you focus on what matters in order to survive and thrive during this challenging time.


Should you let the pandemic blow up your product strategy or should you make changes at the margins?  Get practical tips for making product pivots during the current crisis through the lens of Sittercity's product leadership.


What is the CMO's job in times of crisis? This webinar will examine lessons learned through the lens of Sittercity marketing leadership's response during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis. From how to engage your stakeholders to how to make your product more useful, these practical tips are applicable to marketplace marketers during the current crisis as well as others they may encounter in the future.



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