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With more than 900 lawyers across 16 offices, Seyfarth’s high-caliber legal representation and advanced delivery capabilities allow us to take on our clients’ unique challenges and opportunities―no matter the scale or complexity. Whether navigating complex litigation, negotiating transformational deals, or advising on cross-border projects, our attorneys achieve exceptional legal outcomes. Our drive for excellence leads us to seek out better ways to work with our clients and each other. We have been first-to-market on many legal service delivery innovations―and we continue to break new ground with our clients every day.

The accessibility to individuals with disabilities of websites, mobile apps, and other digital assets continues to be a hot topic for litigation. In this session, ADA Title III specialist Kristina Launey of Seyfarth Shaw LLP will tell provide background on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other applicable laws, accessibility requirements for websites, mobile apps, and other technologies.


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Platform companies face unique risks when it comes to allegations of discriminatory conduct by their workforce. A company’s relationship with its independent contractors entails a substantially lower ability to control the workers’ conduct, yet companies can still be held liable when a customer alleges that a worker refused to provide services on a discriminatory basis.


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In this webinar we’ll focus less on when and how you can begin returning your workers to onsite activities and more on when and how it makes sense for you to do so, and why. Join us for a discussion of practical guidance on this decision-making, including: Addressing the return to onsite work as a process, not an event; Protecting safety, furthering business objectives, and being fair and unobtrusive while minimizing financial and legal risks; Utilizing insurance effectively to manage risks; Adhering to cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance standards; Operating within the parameters of governmental guidance on health and safety; and Motivating your workers, through demonstrated care, to do more for your business (and not sue).


The global pandemic is presenting companies and boards with unprecedented and complex legal, business and operational challenges. The session will focus on ways in which those challenges have become or may become significant litigation risks for companies and boards, and provide insights on how best to manage them. The session will address recently filed COVID-19 securities class action lawsuits: publc disclosure-related lawsuits: breach of fiduciary duty claims.



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