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Connect with industry experts who have the right experience to support you as you launch, grow, scale - and take your marketplace startup to the next level.

Eleanor (Elle) Tucker

Media & Marketing Consultant

Elle’s media and marketing consultancy is specifically aimed at platform founders and entrepreneurs. She has 25+ years as a journalist, marketing and advertising creative, and sharing economy consultant.

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Juliet Eccleston

Recruitment Specialist

Juliet is a transformational leader who has spent a decade researching crowd behavior. She transforms recruitment processes so that 80% of hires are made through referral. Juliet is the founder of AnyGood?

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Marketplace Platform Builder

MarketBox enables entrepreneurs to launch and grow services marketplaces online. With a customizable platform, you can manage customer bookings, availability, travel zones and process payments seamlessly.

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Jeremy Gottschalk, Esq.

Startup Attorney

Jeremy has counseled startups for 15+ years. His experience in IP, e-commerce, strategy, risk management and corporate governance helps marketplaces launch and grow. He is the founder of Marketplace Risk.

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Launchworks & Co

Platform Strategy

Launchworks & Co is a specialized advisory firm and thought leader on marketplaces, platforms and ecosystems, with experience from eBay, Airbnb, PayPal, American Express, Stripe, Yahoo, Zoopla and Fiverr.

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Matheus Riolfi

Marketplace Insurance

Matheus is a tech entrepreneur and licensed broker that launched insurance programs for companies like Turo in the US, Canada, and Europe. He helps marketplaces turn insurance into a competitive advantage.

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Jessy Conflon

Digital & Growth Marketing

Jessy offers digital marketing services that accelerate business growth & customer acquisition. She has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by 2-sided marketplaces and product-market-fit.

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Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi

Marketplace Growth & Strategy

Manfredi has 15 years experience working across marketing and product with large tech firms and early-stage startups. He has expertise in platform design - helping start and nurture network effects sustainably.

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Nino Cavenecia

Customer Operations Consultant

Nino has helped startups build and scale customer-first operations for 20 years, including recruiting & training, systems selection & optimization, performance management and capacity planning. 

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