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Ukraine Crisis: Marketplaces Stepping Up to Support Ukraine

Over the past week, the world has witnessed the bravery of the Ukrainian people as they stood in defiance of Russian forces invading their land. Numerous countries have offered shelter and support to Ukrainians seeking to escape, but now some of the world’s leading marketplace and sharing economy platforms are also among those offering aid.

Here are a few examples of marketplaces that are standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


Uber is extending aid to fleeing Ukrainian refugees by offering them free rides into Polish cities from the Ukraine/Poland border. Many refugees have fled with little more than what they could carry, and the possibility of free and safe passage into Poland will be an invaluable lifeline to many.

Uber has also added an in-app donation button for its US customers that want to contribute, with all funds going to the International Rescue Committee. The ride-hailing platform will even match donations up to $1 million made through this feature.

It makes us even more proud to have them as a Presenting Sponsor of our Marketplace Risk Management Conference!


For a great many families that are trying to escape the conflict, the biggest question is where they can go to be safe. Airbnb has recognized this by pledging to offer temporary housing to 100,000 refugees that are fleeing the Russian invasion.


Another ride-hailing platform doing their part is Lyft, who last week announced a raft of support measures for their Ukrainian employees, including financial help for emergency supplies or to temporarily relocate. The announcement is no doubt welcome to the many Lyft employees who are currently residing in Ukraine.


In a widely celebrated move, Amazon is donating $5 million to organizations including UNICEF, World Food Program, Red Cross and more. They will also match any donation up to $5 million raised by their team, as well as providing support to their employees in Ukraine and Poland.


Etsy has just announced that it will be waiving any fees owed by Ukrainian sellers - a sum of approximately $4 million. At the same time, in a demonstration of the community spirit inherent in marketplaces, Etsy sellers, themselves, are pitching in to provide support to the people of Ukraine.

In this video, Canadian Etsy seller Daydreams of Quilts explains an easy way to support Ukrainian sellers by purchasing smaller, inexpensive or digital products from them. It’s a great way to show solidarity, and the best part is that anyone can do it!

Honorable Mentions

While those platforms are making the world proud by offering support to Ukraine, other companies are taking action against Russia for its actions. World-leading brands spanning a variety of industries are imposing their own form of sanctions and removing Russia’s ability to access their services.

Most of us have read about Apple, Ford and other international companies closing their doors to Russian trade, but here are just a few more examples:

Spotify - Closed their Russian offices and removed content from Russian media outlets.

Netflix - Paused all production and acquisitions of four Russian projects.

Oracle - Suspended all operations within the Russian Federation.

YouTube - Blocked or demonetized channels owned by Russian state-owned outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik News.

These are just a few. Check out this article from Forbes for a more extensive list of companies and organizations taking action against Russia.

Do you know a marketplace or sharing economy startup that’s doing their part to help Ukraine? Tell us about them, and we’ll give them a shout-out!

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